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Local Florists with Interflora

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This year has been a fabulous year with Interflora for the Scottish Mum Blog.

For Mothers Day, Interflora sent me a gorgeous bunch of flowers to review and gave me one to give away.   They were absolutely beautiful, and I can’t resist showing you the picture again.

There were many smiles in this house (mostly from me), and the vase has been very useful for the bunches of flowers that came after.   I had got out of the habit of having flowers in my home, and Interflora kick started a regular buying habit.   There is just something so welcoming in any house that has a flower in it.

My husbands’ grandmother used to say “a house without a flower or a plant is no home at all.”   Perhaps there is wisdom in that phrase as the smell and sight of a lovely bunch of flowers or a well cared for plant makes many of us feel better.

Interflora also sent a fabulous bunch of flowers to  my mother who really deserved the treat.  She absolutely adored the roses which gave her some much-needed colour and scent to make her little flat seem a more welcoming place to be.

I was pleasantly surprised to find there are 6 Interflora  florists in Aberdeen and that they are easily contactable by telephone.   It was easy to pick from the local florists in my area, and with next day delivery there really is something for everyone.

I know that most of my readers are not just in Aberdeen, so I thought it would be interesting to look at some other cities in Scotland. When someone searches for florists in Glasgow or florists in Edinburgh, they have to enter in the first part of their postcode, and then they can choose from the list of florists close to where they want the flowers to be delivered.

I really like that option, as it means that we don’t have to only order online, and we can call a local shop directly to see what they have available if we need a quick delivery (for when we have forgotten a birthday).

I picked the closest florist to  me, which is the Four Seasons at Rosemount and visited the website.   We all have different ideas of what is safe and what is not, and for me, it was nice to see the Interflora branding on there.   A branding that I recognise does make me feel more comfortable.  I like to know that I am dealing with a reputable supplier, which makes me feel safer when I am handing over my payment details for online or telephone sales.

I couldn’t resist the temptation to go and look at the Interflora Christmas flowers as I would love to get a nice bunch from the man in my life to decorate the Christmas table.   I think I have narrowed my favourites down to these two.

Warm Wishes Festive Christmas Basket

(I may leave some pictures lying around, or simply send my husband the link these flowers by mistake.)

Christmas Perfect Gift

What do you think?  Which one do you think would look fabulous on my Christmas dinner table this year?




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A Lovely Bunch of Flowers for a Lovely Lady

My mother deserves much much more than she gets.  At 76 years old, and with diabetes, arthritis, an underactive thyroid, and as a 7 year breast cancer survivor, she never stops.

She drives my adult nephew about almost daily, she helps me with my boys, and she has to put up with more than any 76 year old ever should.    Families like ours spend years waiting for help to come along, and if my mother had not been around after I adopted the boys, and they grew older, I don’t know what I would have done.

I did a post for Interflora earlier in the year, and when they offered me the chance to let someone choose a bunch of flowers from them last week, I debated on who I would send them to.

I considered a blogger, and online special needs mum, and then I realised that it was a chance to give my mother something that she would like.  She loves flowers, and she does like orchids and  roses more than any other flower, so I chose the lovely Rose Vase.

She was highly delighted to receive her roses, and I was very surprised at how quickly they arrived.  The flower delivery service was efficient and they arrived in their vase with plenty of water to keep them fresh.   The vase is nice, but it seems to be painted, and I suspect it would need careful handling in the washing to make sure the paint doesn’t chip off, but it doesn’t affect how lovely the flowers are when they arrive.

Thank you very much Interflora
You made two people very happy.


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My Vege Bags

My little pots are growing their leaves and flowers, and I hope, that eventually we will manage to have some lovely little flowers from the pots and containers that are full of gorgeous leaves.  Whether they actually have some fruit or not remains to be seen, but hopefully they do.     I have spent hours (ok minutes) tending these lovely pots and bags to try to turn my non gardening fingers into some semblance of a growers beginnings.

Here for your enjoyment, in all the Scottish dreary weather are some shots of my growing pot collection.

I did try to hold off until the sun showed its’ smiley face again, but I suspect that might not be anytime soon.

Ok, ok, I know these are not vegetables, but some pansies and geraniums make lovely pictures.

The strawberries are nearly ripe for picking (all three of them).  There are two more, honestly, there are.

Leeks and Onions and Lettuce are really doing well.

My potatoes are growing up a storm.

And apart from the carrots on either end, I have no idea what is growing in the  middle of my trough.

My neighbour gave me the seedlings and I planted them.  She cannot remember what they were.  If you recognise the leaves, do let me know.

Thats it for now.  I’ll post more when I start to harvest my little crop.

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Mothers Day Giveaway from Interflora – Ends Sunday 27th March

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I arrived home to find a lovely surprise on my doorstep.  There were the flowers and box of chocolates that Interflora had sent me to review.    When they asked me to review one of their Mothers Day Gifts, I jumped at the chance.  We are all mothers, who have mothers, so it is a fantastic product to have.

I was given some links on their website to browse, and I had a good old root through all the products they have on offer for Mothers day.   There was a huge choice on offer, from hampers in the Mothers day gifts section, through to gorgeous Mothers day flowers, and the  absolutely fabulous Spring flowers.

As a mother myself, and with special needs children, a bunch of flowers appearing in our house is a rare occurence.   The only flowers that I usually see are the ones that I buy for other people.  I decided that, for me, a gift with some chocolates would be appreciated in our house, with the flowers for me, and the chocolates for my children.  It gave me the best of both worlds.  As tempting as the Spring Gift with a bottle of wine was, I think my children appreciated the chocolates a lot more.

I chose the Scented Spring Perfect Gift with Chocolates, which was priced at £31.95.

I picked up the vase, with their box of chocolates and eagerly took it into my kitchen.  I tried to take a nice shot of the flowers, but I’m not a professional photographer, so please forgive the shots if they look slightly amateurish.

Here are my flowers in all their glory on my mantlepiece, and they certainly brighten up my room.

The smells were absolutely fantastic as I walked along my corridor.   Even my husband who is usually florally challenged said that they had a lovely smell.   I was surprised to see the flowers were in the vase, with water already in it.  I am guessing it is to preserve the life of the flowers, and for me it worked.  I loved them just for the smell.    The vase is quite a sturdy, heavy glass, definately a substantial vase.

The chocolates, well, they were lovely, as my boys could tell you.  The box is rather nice, and with the little chiffon ribbon, looks very swish.  Inside the box, the Maison Fougere chocolates for Interflora looked lovely.  With 12 gorgeous chocolates, in a mix of dark and milk chocolate, there was something for all of us.   There was even a competition here for who would get the red heart….You can hardly make out the red heart in this picture, but it really was a vibrant, lovely shade of red.

Apologies for this photo, as the chocolates have now been eaten, and I have no chance to take a better one.

The best part of all this, is that Interflora are allowing me to give away the same gift set that I received as a gift for Mothers Day.     You, or your choice of recipient will receive the same bunch of flowers, with chocolates and the vase, and you can choose your own message to put on it.    You can see the gift set on the website here.

Scented Spring Perfect Gift with Chocolates

All you have to do to enter is:

1.  Make sure you either follow me on twitter, or google friend connect my blog if you haven’t already.  If you want to do both, thats fab by me.

2. Hop on over to Interflora using the links on this post, and tell me in a comment how many gift sets Interflora are selling in their mothers day categories.   These two things entitle you to one entry.

3.  For an additional entry, tweet the following:

Win a Mothers Day gift from Interflora with @scottish_mum Enter at   Pls RT

The competition closes on Sunday 27th March 2011 to allow the winners entry to go through for Mothers Day, which is on Sunday 3rd April.  The winner will have to claim their prize before midnight on Monday 28th March.  If it is not claimed by then, it will be given to the runner up, via selection through random numbers, of the entrants. 

Good luck everyone.   It’s going to be a lovely arrival on someone’s doorstep.


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