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A Lovely Bunch of Flowers for a Lovely Lady

My mother deserves much much more than she gets.  At 76 years old, and with diabetes, arthritis, an underactive thyroid, and as a 7 year breast cancer survivor, she never stops.

She drives my adult nephew about almost daily, she helps me with my boys, and she has to put up with more than any 76 year old ever should.    Families like ours spend years waiting for help to come along, and if my mother had not been around after I adopted the boys, and they grew older, I don’t know what I would have done.

I did a post for Interflora earlier in the year, and when they offered me the chance to let someone choose a bunch of flowers from them last week, I debated on who I would send them to.

I considered a blogger, and online special needs mum, and then I realised that it was a chance to give my mother something that she would like.  She loves flowers, and she does like orchids and  roses more than any other flower, so I chose the lovely Rose Vase.

She was highly delighted to receive her roses, and I was very surprised at how quickly they arrived.  The flower delivery service was efficient and they arrived in their vase with plenty of water to keep them fresh.   The vase is nice, but it seems to be painted, and I suspect it would need careful handling in the washing to make sure the paint doesn’t chip off, but it doesn’t affect how lovely the flowers are when they arrive.

Thank you very much Interflora
You made two people very happy.


16 thoughts on “A Lovely Bunch of Flowers for a Lovely Lady

  1. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady x

  2. what a lovely post. I think your mum looks a bit like Helen Miren, her hair is fabulous!

    1. Thabk you. She refuses to have “old lady hair” as she puts it. I’d be the same I think. x

  3. They are absolutely stunning, as is your mum. Perhaps I sound corny but seriously, are you sure she’s 76? She looks amazing.

    Roses are my favourite flower, next to freesias.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post and pictures.

    CJ xx

    1. Yep, she’s 76, soon to be 77, which means I am……. (not admitting that on the blog). Thanks CJ xx

  4. Lovely floral arrangement for a lovely woman. I now know from where your good looks emanate my friend. Cheers to your mum … your inspiration I’d venture to guess.

    1. I”m hoping I take after her when I am 76. I know I’d be the same with the *never going to do short permed hair*.

  5. Wonderful 🙂 you made a great choice not only in the flowers but who to give them to.

    1. Thank youx

  6. Awesome!

    1. Thanks

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