How to Set up a Smartphone for Senior Family Members!

Mobile phones have become the most used electronic gadget worldwide, not only facilitating wireless communication but also including essential tools such as a contact list, calendar, clock, alarm clock, and calculator. Furthermore, smartphones enhance this utility by providing access to the internet and a plethora of apps for entertainment, online shopping, financial management, among other…

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Getting your kids around from the Brighton seafront to school to activities can be challenging. Popping to the shop for those last minutes supplies needed for cake and bake sales, unexpected dress up daysand other similar appeals which children love to let us know about at the last moment, meansthat having a car is a…

My Energy Crisis and the Eight Arm Angel

The energy issue is a very personal one for all of us. From the start of the rises in 2022, my gas and electric bills tripled. They were as big as my mortgage and completely unacceptable. Honestly, it seems to have never ended. Middle boy is in a good placement as a young adult and…