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Mothers Day Giveaway from Interflora – Ends Sunday 27th March

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I arrived home to find a lovely surprise on my doorstep.  There were the flowers and box of chocolates that Interflora had sent me to review.    When they asked me to review one of their Mothers Day Gifts, I jumped at the chance.  We are all mothers, who have mothers, so it is a fantastic product to have.

I was given some links on their website to browse, and I had a good old root through all the products they have on offer for Mothers day.   There was a huge choice on offer, from hampers in the Mothers day gifts section, through to gorgeous Mothers day flowers, and the  absolutely fabulous Spring flowers.

As a mother myself, and with special needs children, a bunch of flowers appearing in our house is a rare occurence.   The only flowers that I usually see are the ones that I buy for other people.  I decided that, for me, a gift with some chocolates would be appreciated in our house, with the flowers for me, and the chocolates for my children.  It gave me the best of both worlds.  As tempting as the Spring Gift with a bottle of wine was, I think my children appreciated the chocolates a lot more.

I chose the Scented Spring Perfect Gift with Chocolates, which was priced at £31.95.

I picked up the vase, with their box of chocolates and eagerly took it into my kitchen.  I tried to take a nice shot of the flowers, but I’m not a professional photographer, so please forgive the shots if they look slightly amateurish.

Here are my flowers in all their glory on my mantlepiece, and they certainly brighten up my room.

The smells were absolutely fantastic as I walked along my corridor.   Even my husband who is usually florally challenged said that they had a lovely smell.   I was surprised to see the flowers were in the vase, with water already in it.  I am guessing it is to preserve the life of the flowers, and for me it worked.  I loved them just for the smell.    The vase is quite a sturdy, heavy glass, definately a substantial vase.

The chocolates, well, they were lovely, as my boys could tell you.  The box is rather nice, and with the little chiffon ribbon, looks very swish.  Inside the box, the Maison Fougere chocolates for Interflora looked lovely.  With 12 gorgeous chocolates, in a mix of dark and milk chocolate, there was something for all of us.   There was even a competition here for who would get the red heart….You can hardly make out the red heart in this picture, but it really was a vibrant, lovely shade of red.

Apologies for this photo, as the chocolates have now been eaten, and I have no chance to take a better one.

The best part of all this, is that Interflora are allowing me to give away the same gift set that I received as a gift for Mothers Day.     You, or your choice of recipient will receive the same bunch of flowers, with chocolates and the vase, and you can choose your own message to put on it.    You can see the gift set on the website here.

Scented Spring Perfect Gift with Chocolates

All you have to do to enter is:

1.  Make sure you either follow me on twitter, or google friend connect my blog if you haven’t already.  If you want to do both, thats fab by me.

2. Hop on over to Interflora using the links on this post, and tell me in a comment how many gift sets Interflora are selling in their mothers day categories.   These two things entitle you to one entry.

3.  For an additional entry, tweet the following:

Win a Mothers Day gift from Interflora with @scottish_mum Enter at   Pls RT

The competition closes on Sunday 27th March 2011 to allow the winners entry to go through for Mothers Day, which is on Sunday 3rd April.  The winner will have to claim their prize before midnight on Monday 28th March.  If it is not claimed by then, it will be given to the runner up, via selection through random numbers, of the entrants. 

Good luck everyone.   It’s going to be a lovely arrival on someone’s doorstep.


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88 thoughts on “Mothers Day Giveaway from Interflora – Ends Sunday 27th March

  1. be intresting as to the answer, seems to be a difference of opinion from us all

  2. Competition is now closed.

  3. I am following your fab blog and your twitter page. I am @V1cki_Lou!

    The answer is 18 gift sets.

  4. Would love to win pls. Am following you on here and on twitter. Will go tweet now too.

    I am going with 18 sets.

    Thanks Mich x (@michelletwinmum)

  5. I have tweeted @annieanna24

  6. I’m going for 18! I am following your blog and following you on twitter.

  7. Re-Tweeted message 🙂 <3

  8. There are 18 labelled as Gift Sets on the Interflora site <3

  9. Twitter follower @bevleek 🙂

  10. tweeted @pooohbear2811

  11. am following you on here and twitter.
    according to my maths, well having gone to mothers day shop then mothers day gifts then looked at once marked gift sets there are 17, different answer to most of the above which is worrying, one has a bit saying save £10 on the rose and tulip habd tied chocolates so dont know if it possibly had been, but at this time of today my answer is 17.

  12. Have tweeted shorter version of your tweet @ellielucky
    Lovely giveaway

  13. Following your blog and on Twitter @ellielucky
    Answer is 18 gift sets 🙂

  14. I follow your blog as Marzena

    my answer is 18

  15. There are 17 Mother’s Day gift sets. I already follow you on Twitter 🙂 xxx

  16. Fab comp!

    I’ve looked and counted and counted again and I think it’s 17 but I see lots have said 18!

    Anyway- I’d love to win this for my mum! Happy mummy day to you all!

    (follow on twitter and have tweeted)

  17. hello, i follow yr blog and on twitter @sandigled.
    the answer i think is 18 giftsets for mothers day.
    thank you prize looks lovely!

  18. Following on twitter @mrsmildredroper and have tweeted.

    There are 18 gift sets.

    Beautiful flowers

    B x

  19. 17 gift sets in the Mothers Day Gift category; 11 gift sets in the Mothers’ Day Plants category and 16 gift sets in the Mothers Day Flowers category

    I follow you on Twitter and have connected via Google Friend Connect

  20. I have retweeted your comp 🙂

    Thanks for the great giveaway x


  21. I have checked and rechecked and it seems to be 18 titled “Mothers Day” in The Mothers Day Gifts category and 36 in total of gift sets in the category Mothers day gifts. If that makes any sense at all. I’m not sure which answer you were looking for 🙂

    I follow your blog via GFC and on twitter x


  22. also RT’ed for you!

  23. Hello, Hello!

    I already follow your blog and twitter as @superamazingmum.

    Now, the answer is either 17 or 18. 17 say Gift set but there are 18 if you include the one with save £10 banner!

    Love Superamazingmum xx

  24. I`ve tweeted too Xx


  25. answer is 18 – I`ve followed the blog and liked you on facebook too Xx

    Thanks for the chance to win


  26. I have tweeted the giveaway link 🙂


  27. Answer: 18 gift sets 🙂

  28. I’m following your blog and also on Twitter @CoxeeFoxy

  29. 18 sets
    Have also RT @nurselottatang

  30. Hi

    I am following you here and twitter and it’s 18 gift sets and have RT .


  31. I think the answer is 17

    Am following your blog and on twitter

    Thank you 🙂

  32. there are 17 gift sets 😉 and ive RT

  33. The answer is 18.

    I am following you and have tweeted @daisyangel1


  34. I am going with 18 and counting the one with £10 off Rose and Tulip Mother’s Day Hand-tied with Chocolates as a gift set.

    Have retweeted @LouiseRWs

  35. I made it 29 different gift sets across all categories. The one with the £10 banner says “Gift Set” in the description, so I counted that in too.

    Following you on Twitter & tweeted @happyfox

  36. The answer is 18. Retweeted on twitter @t1geress and following you. Anyone scottish mummy. x

  37. 17 Gift sets following and tweeting @dipsymummy

  38. Tweeted @daisybeebee x

  39. Following on GFC. I think the answer is 17 gift sets. Thanks.

  40. I’ve tweeted the message @janesgrapevine

  41. I’m following you here and on Twitter @janesgrapevine

    I’ve counted three times and i make the answer 17

  42. 17 that say ‘gift set’ on – i think the save £10 banner is confusing people 😉

    I’m following the blog

    Many thanks!

  43. Ummm I am gonna be a weirdo and say – 17!!!

  44. I have also tweeted!

  45. Hi am following on GFC and twitter, 17 gift sets I think!

  46. Following on GFC & twitter
    17 gift sets
    Tweeted too. @ericahughes

  47. I have also Tweeted


  48. Hi

    The answer is 18

    I am following on GFC and on Twitter

    🙂 @MrsWebster147 on Twitter

  49. I think there are 44 gift sets

  50. I follow your blog on google Friends connect

  51. 17 gift sets.
    I’m following you on twitter @kikicomp

    Have retweet too 🙂

  52. Following as @totallydot

    I believe there are 17 gift sets

  53. I’m following and have tweeted – @superluckydi

    I counted 17 gift sets!

  54. 18 is the answer. I’d love these flowers for my mam fo mother’s day. Totally deserves them after beating cancer last year and never complaining! I follow you on twitter @jojokirtley and now on your blog! JoJo x

  55. The answer is 18 links , beautiful flowers in a sturdy vase, the chocs looked yummy too. I have followed your blog now on twitter too @mumsmyname .

  56. I counted 17 of them….have tweeted the tweety-thing and now off to google friend you 🙂

  57. I’m going to be different and say 7 😉 @pinktwinkles from twitter

  58. I counted 18 Mother’s Day Gift Sets – they are lovely!

    Already following you on Twitter

    Retweeted the link message and link for you


  59. i have tweeted a shortened link


  60. Hi.

    There are 18 gift sets.

    I am following you on twitter


  61. 18 gift sets

    im following and tweeting @pinkbling11

  62. Hiya,

    I have counted 17 gift sets and hope I’m in with a chance to win this great prize. I’m following you on Twitter as @caro_mad and am also following you blog. Have also RT’ed the link to the competition.

    Carolin x

  63. Have tweeted (had to amend slightly to fit it in, hope that’s ok).

    1. That’s fine. Most apps shorten automatically, but some don’t

  64. Follow in GFC.

    Answer – 18.

  65. Hi I follow you on twitter.

    I spot 18 gift sets, good choice by the way the flowers are beautiful.

    I will RT for you as well


    wendy xxxx

  66. Hi

    I am following you here and twitter and it’s 18 gift sets and will RT now! @TeamLeila


  67. Following you on Twitter and FB. Will go RT now.. x

  68. Follow you on both. There are 18 gift sets. @wendymcd83

  69. There are 18 gift sets xx Following and RT’d xxx

  70. The answer is 18! Following on both, and will tweet too @lauracymft

  71. Tweeted as @Melaina25

  72. I follow you on twitter (@Melaina25) and there are 18.

  73. The answer is 18. already following you on everything and RT’d hon. xxx

  74. 18, following and RT’d x

  75. 18

    Following you on twitter & GfC 🙂


  76. I am following with google friend connect and hopefully about to on twitter.
    The answer is 18 mothers day gift sets and they are gorgeous.
    About to tweet @ali991

  77. Good choice – absolutely gorgeous!!
    I spy 18 gift sets, already follow you on Twitter and here and have tweeted from @nickicawood

  78. There are 18 gift sets.
    I’m following you on twitter @makedomum

    Just about to retweet too 🙂

  79. Oh I’d love to get this for my mum! I’m already following you on twitter, and have rt’d, and follow you on GFC!
    The answer is 18 gift sets. 😉

  80. The answer is 18 Mother’s Day gift sets 🙂

    I am following you on twitter and also google friend.

    I have tweeted @mum2alesha


  81. They have 18 gift sets Im following you on Google & Twitter & am just about to TWEET this for you x

  82. 17 gift sets and have retweeted you 🙂

  83. i have tweeted too but it was too long so had to cut it short, hope thats okay! @ashlallan

    1. That’s fine. Most twitter apps shorten the link, but sometimes we have to do it ourselves.

  84. i am following on google friend and twitter,

    the answer is 18!

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