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My Vege Bags

My little pots are growing their leaves and flowers, and I hope, that eventually we will manage to have some lovely little flowers from the pots and containers that are full of gorgeous leaves.  Whether they actually have some fruit or not remains to be seen, but hopefully they do.     I have spent hours (ok minutes) tending these lovely pots and bags to try to turn my non gardening fingers into some semblance of a growers beginnings.

Here for your enjoyment, in all the Scottish dreary weather are some shots of my growing pot collection.

I did try to hold off until the sun showed its’ smiley face again, but I suspect that might not be anytime soon.

Ok, ok, I know these are not vegetables, but some pansies and geraniums make lovely pictures.

The strawberries are nearly ripe for picking (all three of them).  There are two more, honestly, there are.

Leeks and Onions and Lettuce are really doing well.

My potatoes are growing up a storm.

And apart from the carrots on either end, I have no idea what is growing in the  middle of my trough.

My neighbour gave me the seedlings and I planted them.  She cannot remember what they were.  If you recognise the leaves, do let me know.

Thats it for now.  I’ll post more when I start to harvest my little crop.

4 thoughts on “My Vege Bags

  1. Are the mystery leaves spinach?

    1. I have no idea. They are getting huge so I am hoping there is something underneath them

  2. I have serious garden envy. My radishes all went stalky and died. My hanging basket flowers all died. My parsley’s gone flowery and is…dying – noticing a theme here? Well done on the bounty of veggies. It’s no mean feat (I’m proof!).

    1. I am usually rubbish in the garden, so am quite pleased they are at least growing. Long may it last. x

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