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Silent Sunday – Big Waves



10 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – Big Waves

  1. Amazing photo! Wild and beautiful. Just love the coast!

    1. We’re lucky enough to be able to visit any day we want to, but a few weeks away inland with the van, and I’ve missed it.

  2. Wow, look at those waves! That’s amazing. I wouldn’t like to be swimming in it 🙂 x

    1. Someone actually had kids in wetsuits jumping in at the mouth of the harbour. One girl jumped in and was doggie paddling and had to be helped. Absolute madness to be honest. It was really bad, and if it hadn’t been children they were making jump off the pier, I would have taken a picture of it.

  3. Wow, stunning!

    1. Thank you x

  4. You are making me home sick!

    1. Sorry hon, I tried to comment on your blog, but I can’t as you don’t have name / url enabled. Blogger won’t let me use my google account for commenting any more. I just get neverending loop.

  5. Great picture. Love the drama of rough seas, as long as I am in a safe place.

    1. Fab isn’t it.. That was 2pm today.

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