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Hot Day Food

Whew, it’s hot out there. Even up here in Scotland, the weather is unusual and I for one, don’t want to stand over a stove for hours, or even more than a few minutes. It’s perfect weather for salads, sold soups, smoothies and lots more.

Always remember to drink plenty water when it’s hot outside, wear sunscreen, and if the heat is too much, wear a hat, shade, or stay indoors to avoid sunstroke.

A lovely raw strawberry and banana ice cream to start you off. To view the recipe, click here. I’ve added a few other suggestions below, which could help keep you slightly cooler. For me, reducing the carb content helps me to cope with the heat on very hot days. For you, it might simply be upping the amount of fluid you drink.

Take care out there these hot days. We might be used to it on holiday, where we can cool off at the beach or in a pool, but at home it’s humid, we tend to sweat more, and I feel more uncomfortable as there is nowhere to get inside to air conditioning.

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