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10 Ways to Be a Blogging Diva

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As I chatted “boasted” about my status on Twitter the other day, and decided to update my status “sell my blog”, I thought about Diva-esque behaviour among bloggers.

Indeed I am guilty of Diva like behaviour on occasion, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity that it gave me to list my 10 favourite online Diva behaviours.

I am not telling you which ones I am guilty of, now that would be telling…..

Here is the quickest way to be a fashionable blogging Diva.

Have fun:

  1. Blogging – expect people to read your blog and comment on it, but never read or comment on anyone else’s blog  – unless they are a celebrity or a PR that can send you nice goodies.
  2. Blogging – only do product reviews and sales pitches because you are so awesome that nobody else deserves to know anything about you.
  3. Blogging – complain about free services that you don’t have to use when you don’t get high enough ratings.
  4. Blogging – complain about how few people are commenting on your blog, but you get high reader stats – they are obviously in too much awe of you to leave a comment.
  5. Blogging – pretend that you don’t blog for statistics or readers and that you only blog for yourself – a private diary is just soo old hat.
  6. Twitter – haughtily take the hump if anyone unfollows you.
  7. Twitter – commonly unfollow everyone that has a different opinion to you, and take the hump when they dare to ask why so you can get the sympathy vote with your own followers.
  8. Twitter – often complain when people ask you to follow them back.  Twitter is nearly a one way street to a good Diva.
  9. Twitter – don’t reply to everyone who @mentions or @directmessages you.  Celebrity “Divas” cherry pick replies for good effect
  10. Twitter – celebrity name drop and try to win status by pretending to have status  – it might rub off on you.

I love the Divas, it makes our circle complete.  Which Divaesque behaviours are your favourites?  What do you think?   Feel free to add ones I’ve missed below.


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