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“Shhhhh fir Santa” Christmas Doric Poem

It’ll seen be time fir christmas
Time fir abody tae say
Hud yer weesht, it’s gettin late
Shut them peepers at end o the day

But, seen as yer ma’s heids hits e hay
Ye teeter oot o yer covers an mair
Yer lugs wirk sae hard, they shiver
An hush as ye go, near tae at door

Creepin doon yon steps fair sleekit
Teetin roun an roun, yer een openin wi frite
Shhhhhh em bells tinkle an jinngle
Ye look thru windae panes, an clap yer haun tae yer muth

A sleigh skiffs by, unner yer nose
Wi a flash fae rudolph, winkin is een
Shh lik a moose, scurry an shimmer
Up tae yer bed, afore santa slips doon yer lum

3 thoughts on ““Shhhhh fir Santa” Christmas Doric Poem

  1. I’m searching for a song starts Santa claus’ll catch ye if ye dinnae coorie doon and ends and that’s the time that Santa Claus cams doon the lum. Cam anyone remember it?

    1. That’s one I have never heard. 🙂

    2. My Glaswegian Grandma used to sing this to me as a kid. My mom and I still sing it at Xmas time, but I’m unable to find ANY reference to it online. The words as I know them are (please apologize for my Scots spelling):

      “Santa Klaus’ll catch ye if ye dinnae coorie doon
      Whisht now… [something unintelligble]
      It’s time fer comin’ roon

      Auch, wee Jimmy would-nae sleep a’ nicht
      He’d hee, and haw, and hum,
      Fer he wanted tae see the way
      that Santa Klaus come doon the lum”

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