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“Snow” Christmas Doric Poem

Wi thon muckle flurries, ah watch oot ma windae
Yon white draps, wi wee crystals aboot em
An ah dream o yon year, fan ah wis a quine
A lass wi a bin liner, slidin doon nigg bay slopes

We’d nowt on oor hauns, and sookit feet
The caul nivver entered intae oor heids
Thinkin back now, ah canna believe it
Ah feel the caul, jist thinkin aboot it

Ah’m stannin back, an love far ah am
Ahin me, is a fire, glowin n burnin
An the morra winna stap me, ah’m gaun oot wi the bairns
Fir an efterneen o sledgin, trussed up lik a chook

Ah’ll hae ma gloves, an ma hat oan ma heid
An them leggins wi paddin, thit keep oot the weet
Dinna forget thon bitts, wi paddin an fleecin
As ah’ll skite doon at mound, laffin and jokin

2 thoughts on ““Snow” Christmas Doric Poem

  1. Fit a fantastic poem – did you write that yersel?

    Kin I ask if I can use it on ma blog please? Of course I wid credit you and yer blog!

    It maks ma remember ma childhhood – I’m a Buckie quine! (Living in Orkney noo though!)

    Happy Christmas!

    1. Of course that would be ok. Just make sure there is a credit to my blog with a link on the same page, and I am happy with that.

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