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Finding New Blogs

I am looking for some great new blogs to read. I love reading, and blogs always give me a reason to connect to other people and escape in the same way that a good novel takes me out of my life and into pleasant escapism.

I’m not an avid, daily blogger, but at times I may actually blog more than others. I don’t covet huge statistics from readers either, but it would be nice to have some readers for my rantings. Strangely enough, some people seem to find my blog on google using words that I would never connect to anything I have written.

I sometimes find it difficult to find blogs that I might be interested in. It is easy if someone has already visited my blog for me to return the favour.

Let me know on if you would like me to read your blog, or leave a comment for me so that I know where to find you.

4 thoughts on “Finding New Blogs

  1. Hi there, I’m so glad I’ve found your blog. I love the poems. I was at Aberdeen University and lived on there for a couple of years. It brings it all back.

    1. Thank you Ellen. Writing, blogging and penning some short poems is my stress relief. I love writing and it’s nice to know that someone likes it. I am off to read your blog now. Thanks xx.

  2. I love the doric. I really miss hearing it.

    1. Thanks xx

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