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Questions & Answers Meme – I’ve been Tagged

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I can see I am not going to get away with this one.  The lovely ladies over at More Than a Mum,  Yummy Step Mummy and Fluffy Dumplings have all tagged me so far.

The gist of it is this.  I have to answer 12 questions from each of them – eek.  I am going to try to do it in one post.  After you have read mine, you’ll find a new list of questions at the bottom from me, for you to answer on your own blog. Then you make up a new set of 12 for your victims.  I have amended the rules to save loads of different posts

From Yummy Step Mummy

1. Where are you from and where do you live now? – Aberdeen and Aberdeen – Boring I am.
2. Favourite pizza topping –  Chicken, Sweetcorn and Mushroom
3. Favourite childhood story/book/film – Little Women
4. Favourite story/book/film now – Too many to mention them all.   Anything with Morgan Freeman seems to be a good film. I tend not to have favourites as such.
5. If you could change gender for a day what would you do? Sack David Cameron & Nick Clegg & put Richard Branson & Stephen Fry in charge of the country.
6. Do you feel you family is complete or would you like more/some children? I am always tempted to go back to adoption panel for a girl, but I’m too old now I think.
7. What do you do/Where do you work and do you enjoy it? – From home.  Hard work, long hours, but the coffee is fab.
8. Which three words do you think sum you up? Opinionated, Determined and Self-Conscious.
9. If you were a fairy what magical powers would you possess?  The ability to cure disability.
10. If you were invisible, where would you go and what would you do?  Why? Sit at home in a comfortable seat and ignore all the shenanigans going around me for a week.  Ahhh, the peace.
11. Do you know what meme, blog hop, linky, Klout, Pinterest, Google +, SEO, tags, categories, keywords etc are and what they all mean?   Um, yes, I’m a geek.  What can I say.
12. Have you ever picked your nose. Of course not.  Like royalty, a lady must never divulge any bad habits in public.

From More Thank a Mum

1)    What song can’t you listen to without crying? – Angels – Robbie Williams, don’t ask why, I don’t know.
2)    Which book changed your life – or at least made you think a lot? – The Trouble with Alex- A Mothers Battle, A Child’s Rage
3)    Which of your personality traits do you most hope your children will inherit? – Inherit is impossible but I hope they learn determination to get things finished.
4)    Which of your personality traits do you most hope your children will NOT inherit?  As above, they can’t inherit but they might end up with my impossibility to stop myself from saying “stop that now or you will be grounded tomorrow.”
5)    Why do you blog? Because I love it, and I love the community.
6)    What do you wish you’d known before becoming a parent?  That taking on 3 moving toddlers at one time is a feat akin to climbing Mount Everest.
7)    What is your top ‘me-time’ tip? Leave the house for it.  Me time never happens while anyone else is in residence.
8)    What can’t you live without?  Materialistically – Netbook.  People wise – The Kids.
9)    Which of all your blog posts are you most proud of and why?  I am not proud of the post, but I proud of the actions of the people who the post is about.  Read it here.
10) Have you ever met a famous person? Who and where?  Prince Phillip at Holyrood when I was 16 and another, but not going to tell, or a friend will stop talking to me.
11) What is the best thing about parenthood? – Seeing them when they are sleeping and knowing I make a difference to their lives.

From Fluffy Dumplings

1) When did you last have a full nights sleep?  Far too long ago, but it might have been about a month.
2) How often do you and your partner get to go out on a date? Never – he’s not romantic at all.
3) What is harder going to work or staying at home with children?  Definitely staying at home with children, but I have special needs in children so different comparison I suspect.
4) What are you doing for Easter?  A week at home and a week away in the van.  I would miss my caravan too much and campsites are fab for my kids.
5) Can you ride a bike? Yes
6) What is your favourite tipple? It would have been diet irn bru once upon a time, but now I’m not sure.  I don’t like the taste of alcohol so it would have to be something lemonady for a tipple.
7) Do you play any sports Apart from running after the kids, I swim and cycle with the boys when the weather is nicer.  I used to play volleyball and badminton but not since the boys arrived.
8) What is your most embarrassing  moment? That will stay with me forever.  Actually I think it is on my blog somewhere, but not letting on.
9) How clever are you? It depends.  I can work out lots of things, but I can be as daft as anyone else at others.  I am quite shy around new people so my bravado is usually a front.
10) Name your favourite tv show? Doctors – cheesy, I know.
11) Any guilty pleasures? Chocolate and crisps.
12) Favourite song? Angels – as above.

Questions for my victims – tags:

1 – If you could have chosen your own name, what would it be?
2 – Who do you most admire in life, and why?
3 – What is your most treasured possession?
4 – Are you a glass half full, or glass half empty type person?  Give an example.
5 – Tell your favourite funny joke…
6 – What is your biggest fear in life?
7 – What is your favourite flavour of ice cream? What does it remind you of?
8 –  If you have kids, do they do what you tell them first time, every time? If no kids, what about your elders?
9 – Prada or Primark?
10 –  Jeans or joggers?
11 – Jennifer Aniston or Meryl Streep.
12 – Sean Connery or Daniel Craig.

The Victims


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Fridge Contents

Thanks to @melaina25 for tagging me.    I am loving rooting through other peoples fridges. 

Looking at the contents of my fridge is just that little bit scary at the moment.    Oh yes, we have 6 people who live here (does that excuse it?).

OK, listing the contents really scares me.  Here goes:

In the fridge Door

2 x 4 pints semi skimmed milk, carton pure orange juice, bottle of pear sparkling juice, carton tesco long life double cream, 2 x cartons lactose free milk, bottle calpol, bottle chesty cough medicine, bottle of Benadryl, Tesco lighter than light mayonnaise and eggs.

In the main body of the fridge
Elmlee cream, Hellmans mayonnaise, Very lazy caremalised red onions, garlic puree, carton tomato passata, sachet black bean sauce, carton lactose free milk, jar beetroot, Aero Bubble Deserts (sorry @kateab), 3 x packs lactose free cheese, cheese slices, mild cheddar cheese,  cheese strings, pack puff pastry, kids smarties chocolate egg (honestly), cherry tomatoes, strawberries, wafer thin chicken, wafer thin ham, coleslaw, yoghurts, 4 packs tesco brussels light pate, 3 x dairy lee cheese spread tubs, lurpack butter, beef dripping, sausage rolls, pork pies, sticky barbeque ribs, mini savoury eggs, orange capri suns, remains of yesterdays sausage casserole, bottle of water, tub of cauliflower and irish cheddar soup, stork and tesco soft spread for baking, 30 eggs, 2 x soda stream bottles chilling, beef tomatoes, 2 x melons and a few apples.

I am tagging @stephc007 @plasticrosaries @mrs_moog @mummylion

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I’ve Been Tagged – Find Out More About Me…

I thought I had missed the mass tagging, although I had quite enjoyed reading some.

The Q&A tag came from @nickie72 and her blog Typecast 

It started one day when Mrs Lister,  set out to find out about her fellow bloggers, using the same format as is used in the Guardian Q&A when they interview celebs.

You want to know more about me – here goes……

Which living person do you most admire, and why?
My mum.  She battled cancer, thyroid disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Arthritis and much much more –  and still comes up smiling at 76.
When were you happiest?
When I was a student.  I remember the dreams, the goals, the excitement, the socialising, the life.   Ahhh, memories !!!!!!!
What was your most embarrassing moment?
When I was in the chemist with my three kids, a dad was there with his two kids.  At the counter, was a woman asking for eye drops.  The chemist proceeds to tell her that it is very infectious.  The dad standing with his kids takes a step backwards and opens his eyes wide.  I look over at him and laugh at the reaction, but unfortunately catch his eye.  He shrinks back even more in horror, and I realise that instead of realising I was laughing at his horror of “very infectious”, he thinks I am flirting with him.   I am mortified in the way that only women over 40 can be as he is obviously offended by it.
Aside from property, what’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought?
Probably our home from home on four wheels.  I do love the peg.
What is your most treasured possession?
I have my grandmothers engagement ring, and my mothers photographs..  I love those.
Where would you like to live?
Somewhere warmer than Scotland.  Anywhere would do.
What’s your favourite smell?
My kids after a bath.  Next would be fresh strawberries and ground coffee.
Who would play you in the film of your life?
Isla Fischer
What is your favourite book?
I have dozens of favourites.   It is soo hard to choose for this one.  I loved the Master and Commander film and the whole series of books by Patrick O’Brien about life on the ocean waves.  I read them ALL.  I bet that surprised you all.  Next would be the Hornblower novels.
What is your most unappealing habit?
Eating too much and tweeting.
What would be your fancy dress costume of choice?
I have a maids outfit that I put together with some old clothes and the underskirt of my wedding dress.  It does a treat, and has been borrowed several times by other people.
What is your earliest memory?
My earliest memory sadly is one of being sent to my room for going to the local shop and saying I wanted an ice lolly and that my mother would pay for it later.  All my friends had money for one, and we were skint.  I got home with it, caught by mother and was sent to my bed with ice lolly in hand and had to eat it or it would have  melted across the floor.   I wish it was a nice one, but there you to.  I very rarely got into trouble, so that was obviously a biggie for me.
What is your guiltiest pleasure?
Writing drivel that I hope some people might like.
What do you owe your parents?
To my father, thank you for the sperm donation.  To my mother, thank you for everything else.  You rock.
To whom would you most like to say sorry, and why?
To my grandparents for not spending enough time with them when they were alive.
What or who is the greatest love of your life?
My kids and my animals.
What does love feel like?
Responsibility, guilt, wishes, protection, care and time.
What was the best kiss of your life?
My first kiss, in my classroom aged 5.  I still remember feeling his lips on my cheek lol.
Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
Stop fighting – 3 boys *saynomore*
That’ll be shining bright – whenever any of my brood tells me a porkie.
Okay dokey – though I am working hard on phasing this one out.
What is the worst job you’ve done?
Night shift at photo factory, while working day shift in bookies when I was at college.  I was perma exhausted, and it was soo boring that I could hardly keep my eyes open.  Many people would have ended up with negatives cut halfway across the picture frame as I was too tired to stop the cutters in time when it misaligned.  If that was your treasured photos *sorry*.
If you could edit your past, what would you change?
The age I had kids.  But then I wouldn’t have the ones I have, so moot point.
What is the closest you’ve come to death?
I once spun off a road in my car, ended upside down in a field with a post skewering the passenger seat.  Luckily I didn’t have a passenger, and I walked away with only the dunt from undoing my seatbelt when I was upside down and not realising.
Another time, helicopter I was travelling in lost power miles from anywhere in middle of north sea in choppy weather – we dropped from the air and  it was a frightening few seconds before the  pilot restarted the engines again.
What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Being a mum.  It was a hard road.
When did you last cry, and why?
After an operation.    It hurt.
How do you relax?
Twitter, walking the dog, writing, reading.
What single thing would improve the quality of your life?
Not being a food addict.
What is the most important lesson life has taught you?
I was exceptionally lucky to be born in a developed country with a caring  mother.
I am tagging
@netcurtains who likes a meme
@123andbreathe because she wants to
@meetjosmith for being a good sport and
@the_moiderer  for living within an hours drive
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This is me.

Sticky Fingers has challenged us to add a picture that our children have drawn of us.   She is compiling them in a linky gallery.

In Tara’s words:
It’s so so easy.
Ask your child – their age doesn’t matter – to draw a picture of you.
Post it on your blog.
Pass it on to your friends/enemies if you want to.
(If you don’t have a fancy pants scanner, take a photo of it and post it that way!)

Then when you’ve done, go to Taras Post here and add yours to the Linky so we can all laugh. 

    THIS IS ME, by middlie

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5 Things That Make You Feel Good.

With all the juggling that we do on a daily basis, it seems to me to be a good thing to celebrate our womanhood, and what we like to do as women.   Not as employees, girlfriends, wives, mothers, daughters, or friends.   As I have been focussing on the negative aspects of my body and life recently, I wanted to move to the things about me that make me feel good.

I have seen lots of posts about what we struggle with, or things that we like to do, and I’d like to find out a bit more information about all of you. 

This is my way of doing it.     I am looking forward to visiting some of you on the blog hop.

What you cannot choose.  The Rules are Simple
We all know that blogging / facebook, & or twitter  is in our arena of what we like to do, so I am going to rule them out as one of the 5 that you can post about.  They really are not very girly.    Likewise, phones, computers, ipads are all out of the running.

 I am challenging myself to this, as I am really not a girly girly type of person, and I want to find that within myself.   It’s not all about power suits, filofaxes, ipads and designer phones.

If you want to pass this along, pick bloggers that you want to find out more about, and challenge them to write up their 5 secret passions that make them feel good.  The idea is to lift our spirits this week.  The fact that there is a linky added, just makes it all the more worthwhile in doing.

Here goes.

1 – I actually, really love my hair.  I pretend that I don’t, as its thick, tends to frizz with curl when it is humid, and can be difficult to tame.   What it can do, well, almost anything really if I really set my mind to it.  I can wave it, curl it, frizz it, or straighten it.  I choose to straighten mine nowadays as I like it that way, but in the 80’s, I used to have it like a poodle perm.  It takes colour beautifully (when I get time to go to the hairdressers), and I do tend to change my hair colour by the year.  Last year I was brunette, this year I am sort of blondish.

2 – I have no bunions, corns or callouses on my feet.  Yay me.  I hated my mother when I was growing up as she made me wear sensible shoes until I was old enough to buy shoes for myself.   She used to wear gym shoes as she couldn’t afford to buy both me and her shoes, but I didn’t know that as a child.  I so love her now for it, especially as I have internal foot problems with nerve damage, and I am grateful that the outside of my feet were never damaged by badly fitting shoes. 

3 – I love my pink epilator.  I used to spend a fortune on waxing, then I spied an epilator in Costco a couple of years ago.  It cost me £40, but has saved me hundreds of pounds on waxing.

4 – Shoes.  I have always had a shoes passion.  Unfortunately I can’t wear  most of the lovely things that are out there these days, so my passion has shifted to fitflops.   I can handle that.    It nearly broke my heart to sell the lovely Prada boots I had in my cupboard and the pair of Manolos that I had treasured, but when a couple of pairs of new fitflop boots arrived, I quickly got over my angst. 

5 –  I love make up and smellies.  You probably wouldn’t think so as I don’t go overboard with mine these days, but I do.  So many things are now free of the nasty stuff, that they are nice to try out.   I love scented oils, candles, perfumes, mascaras.   You can’t ever have too much make up choice, and a nice scented candle always makes me smile. 

I am tagging some people from twitter today, but anyone can join in, and add an old post that covers the same topic.  Lets find out a little more about each other.

 This will initially go to:

@crystaljigsaw @nettiewriter @kateab @superamazingmum @melaina25 @tara_cain @flutterbyrosa @softthistle @mummylion
@theboyandme @mrs_moog @jontybabe @jencull @mid30slife

Add your link to a new or existing post.   Grab the code, enter it into the html of your own post to see the same list as everyone else. 

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