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High Protein Chocolate Pudding

Hey you all, protein is something that many of us just don’t get enough of.  As a newbie runner, upping my protein count is important, to make sure I have the ability to repair the damage done to my muscles as I learn to run.

I wanted something lovely and puddingy, but not always a smoothie, and this is it…. with a whopping 40g protein in a serving.  Split it in half if you want to keep to 20g Protein in a serving.

The longer it is in the fridge, the thicker it gets, so if you can make it the day before, or a few hours in advance, that’s even better.  If you use a different protein powder, factor in the different amounts of protein.

Feel like cutting the calories and carbs a bit?  Reduce the flour and swap out the banana, and perhaps use unsweetened almond milk.  Add even more protein by using cows milk. I sprinkled one square of grated white chocolate over the top.


High Protein Chocolate Pudding

Lesley Smith
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Chocolate Pudding
Cuisine Desserts
Servings 1
Calories 328 kcal


  • 150 ml Coconut Milk Alternative I use Alpro.
  • 40 g My Protein Natural Chocolate Whey.
  • 100 g Banana.
  • 15 g Coconut Flour


  • Add all the ingredients to your blender or Nutribullet. This makes enough for one person. Blend until completely smooth.

  • Pop your pudding into a glass/dish and put it in the fridge for an hour, preferably longer. I put mine into the freezer for a couple of hours if I can.

High Protein Chocolate Pudding


2 thoughts on “High Protein Chocolate Pudding

  1. Looks very tasty. I’m gonna try this!! Thank you.

  2. This looks yummy. Never thought to make something like this before.

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