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£200 Trusted Food Luxury Meat Pack Giveaway – Closes 31st March 2013

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Winner Graeme McMillan announced via Rafflecopter.

This is a fabulous opportunity to get away from the processed food that we really seem to be mistrusting as a nation these past few weeks.  With the advent of the horse meat scandal, we seem to be enjoying a return to real meat from real butchers in the UK.

Shop local is on the lips of many a Tweeter and Facebooker, so to help you along, Andrew Gordon Butchery and Fine Foods is THE butcher in Aberdeen to have released a Trusted Food Luxury Meat Pack for me to give away.   He recently launched meat packs for sale online to the whole of the UK, with more products going online soon.  Ever popular with the fitness communities, Andrews butchery meat is gaining a reputation as second to none.

Anyone wanting to make up a bespoke meat pack just has to phone the shop and they will arrange your purchase and delivery.

With beef that is traced back to prized Aberdeen Angus and aged for maximum taste, the quality is out of this world.

In the whopping meat pack, there will be centre cut fillets, Aberdeen Angus sirloin steaks, rib eye steaks, family sized roasts and much more.

Don’t forget to enter and check back to see if you won the £200 meat pack.

Entry is by rafflecopter.   If the form doesn’t show up here, just click on the link to go to it.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions

  1. Open to UK Mainland Entrants only.
  2. The prize will be delivered and you must give us your address to send it to you.
  3. Winners will be notified within 3 days of giveaway end. If the winner does not respond within 7 days, a new winner will be drawn.
  4. The winner will be chosen by Rafflecopter random generator.
  5. Andrew Gordon Buchery reserves the right to amend, add or withdraw this giveaway at any time.
  6. Each entry method entitles you to one entry into the draw.

583 thoughts on “£200 Trusted Food Luxury Meat Pack Giveaway – Closes 31st March 2013

  1. great prize

  2. Great prize

  3. A great prize ideal for a lovely family get together

  4. entered xx

  5. I have commented! Thanks

  6. Great comp – fingers crossed

  7. I would love to try this,

  8. Enter to win a £200 Trusted Food Luxury Meat Pack from @aberdeenbutcher with @scottish_mum fab prize

  9. Enter to win a £200 Trusted Food Luxury Meat Pack ( great comp)

  10. Would love the to eat some decent beef.

  11. fantastic prize be lovely to win for my family 🙂 x

  12. Fantastic prize, would love to win

  13. ooo nice

  14. Great Competition, would love to win, as I love beef especially with mustard or horseradish, roast potatoes and gravy. Yum Yum

  15. Have never been keen on processed meat – so this is the perfect prize for me:-)

  16. Have never been keen on processed meat – so this is the perfect prize for me:-)

  17. The juice from the amazing Scottish beef would make great Stovies, being Scottish I love buying meet from my Edinburgh Butchers, nothing quite beats a nice piece of Aberdeen Angus the taste is sensational, must try your Stovie recipe 🙂

  18. I have entered

  19. Mmmm smell the gravy

  20. would love to win this!

  21. Great giveaway, thankyou x

  22. Great prize!

  23. Love this competition

  24. Would be nice to know that I am eating genuine beef (as says on the label)

  25. Would love to have some proper meat

  26. Entered x

  27. it would be fantastic to win this

  28. Feeding my youngest son who trains with weights daily at the gym proves expensive in terms of good quality protein – this prize would be ideal.

  29. Feeding my youngest son who trains with weights daily at the gym proves expensive in terms of good quality protein – this prize would be ideal.

  30. would love to win fingers crossed

  31. it’s making me hungry just looking at the picture of that fantastic meat joint!

  32. Wow, winning this would be fantastic – would definitely have to cook for the whole family if I won. Would be torture for the dog!

  33. MEAT!!!!!!!

  34. Pure quality meat,not supermarket .not hidden in pastry,not minced and mixed with tripe,Trust a butcher today !!!

  35. Entered

  36. would love to win this prize so i can test how good the meat is

  37. I’ve entered xx

  38. Thanks for the competition, fingers crossed x

  39. quality meat fingers crossed.

  40. I have Entered!!

  41. Please enter me, we are currently doing the Orthodox Lent until 5th May, however we will be ready to have lots of meat afterwards! Can’t wait! 🙂 x

  42. please enter me what a fab prize!

  43. What a fabulous prize

  44. Hi. I have entered the rafflecopter above and tweeted, too. Thank you for the amazing giveaway.

  45. Fantastic giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win

  46. Happily entered this would be a wonderful treat 🙂 xxx

  47. I’d love to win this

  48. Enter to win a £200 Trusted Food Luxury Meat Pack from @aberdeenbutcher with @scottish_mum

  49. Amazing prize, this would be wonderful

  50. Great competition!

  51. Great prize

  52. you can only trust meat from a butcher these day.

  53. I’d love some Aberdeen Angus meat.

  54. fresh meat hard to beat 🙂

  55. What a fab prize! Thank you x

  56. Fingers crossed 🙂

  57. fingers crossed 😀

  58. I would love to win so I can enjoy some quality meat.

  59. fantastic prize meat lovers dream

  60. I have entered

  61. Meatylicious!

  62. fabulous you can’t beat meat from the butchers i use my local family run one 🙂

  63. Fabulous prize!

  64. lovely fresh looking prize love to win it

  65. I have entered in all the different ways thank you for running this

  66. Enter to win a £200 Trusted Food Luxury Meat Pack from @aberdeenbutcher with @scottish_mum

  67. Amazing prize – would be well loved in our house!

  68. Would love to teat our friends to a lovely meal for supporting us in our new business!

  69. Fab prize :)!!! Nice to have fresh meat and to know what your actually eating 🙂

  70. It would be an awesome excuse for a BBQ. 🙂

  71. Awesome competition! A real feast for whoever wins!! 😀 x

  72. Great prize

  73. Yummy!!!

  74. Ive entered fingers crossed

  75. Fabulous prize x

  76. Great prize,I would love cooking up fantastic meaty dishes!

  77. Fabulous Giveaway crossing my fingers 🙂

  78. Great prize I’m thinking of things to make already 🙂

  79. Brilliant prize!

  80. I’ve entered!

  81. Lovely prize!

  82. Fab prize! I have entered 🙂


  84. Would be an amazing Easter to win such a trusted meaty prize – Happy Easter!

  85. it would be fantastic to win this

  86. I wish I could afford this quality of meat but unfortunately like a good portion of the nation I am forced into having to buy the processed meat that they sell in supermarkets. Sure local meat is much better, and ive heard people say that its not much more expensive! Well they should try the butchers I live near! Of course if you are earning the “average” wage in this country then I fully expect you to buy local meat, but what about the millions of factory and retail workers that earn nowhere near that wage? Processed meat it us for us!

    Anyways, thats my rant over and I’ve entered in the hope that for a few meals I can taste what some people probably dont even think twice about!

  87. It would be lovely to have some quality cuts of meat to prepare so I’ve got everything crossed! 🙂

  88. What a super prize! Nothing beats good quality meat from high welfare farms and butchers who know what they are doing.

  89. Great comp

  90. I’m a real meat eater so this would be great!

  91. i’ve entered my details, and am keeping everything crossed!

  92. Great prize, fingers crossed x

  93. When I was a student, for three years, we lived on noodles and soup…. then I met my husband to be… a chef with the navy, who convinced us to buy butcher meat each week, and he coooked us fantastic meals, and it all worked out cheaper! I always knew he was the man for me 🙂

  94. thank you for a lovely comp

  95. would be amazing to win an amazing prize 🙂

  96. Meat provenance is so important … great giveaway x

  97. Great prize, would love to win.

  98. Brill prize!

  99. I love good quality meat, and over the past few years I have bought from my local butcher. Mind you, It took me ages to pluck up the courage to go in as I didn’t really know how to ask for things, or how much I would need, as I had always believed it was just easier in a supermarket. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I now get only the meat I need, and my friendly butcher Richard trims off the fat for me and even gives me recipe suggestions, and ways to cook the meet I buy.

  100. Great competition. I have entered.

  101. I have entered!

  102. Now that’s some proper food. Yes please 🙂

  103. I would far rather have a little good quality meat responsibly farmed and sourced than an abundance of meat farmed unethically of dubious origin.

  104. Good quality meat is a great prize – thanks.

  105. Great, I’d have to buy a bigger freezer though

  106. Got my fingers crossed, thanks.

  107. fantastic giveaway 😉 xx

  108. the meat looks amazing!! count me in 😀

  109. Fab prize – luxurious AND practical 🙂

  110. This is a great competition.

  111. Yummy – with money so tight, it would be a real treat to win this meat pack!x

  112. Fab prize

  113. Have entered – Fingers crossed

  114. This is my entry….yum yum FEED ME

  115. amazing prize! would love to win this and try out loads of new recipes for my family 🙂

  116. Fingers Crossed XX

  117. I have entered this!

  118. Great Competition, theres nothing that compares to really good quality meat.

  119. I have entered, looks yummy


  120. Great prize. I’ve entered. 🙂

  121. So important to source our food thoughfully at this time.

  122. Off to have a look a the website, meat looks good!

  123. Looks like a brilliant prize-good luck everyone.

  124. what a magnificent prize with so much in the media now adays about meat products,is a delight to hear of a genuine butchers very rare now adays well done sounds yummy

  125. What a wonderful prize

  126. entered – fingers crossed xxx

  127. thanks for comp! please enter me

  128. Really love beef – especially Aberdeen Angus! xoxo

  129. wow would love some proper meat great prize

  130. What a great prize, fingers crossed! 🙂

  131. Enter to win a £200 Trusted Food Luxury Meat Pack from @aberdeenbutcher with @scottish_mum

  132. I’m entering, this looks amazing.

  133. Have entered would love this prize.

  134. entered and desperate for steak and chips now lol

  135. entered and desperate for steak and chips now lol

  136. Would love to win!

  137. Ooooooh I’d love to win this one

  138. Great meat selection.

  139. What a treat – we don’t eat much meat because to buy good quality meat is too expensive

  140. This would be fantastic to win. Steak is a rare treat in our house

  141. brilliant prize

  142. looks delicious. i can almost taste it. yummy

  143. Always in need of some meat…

  144. Please enter me, thanks.

  145. Cracking competition, yummy!

  146. This’d certainly keep the wolves from the door for a couple of weeks…
    (not that I’m planning on feeding the meat to wolves of course, that’d be silly)

  147. Would love to win

  148. This is my fiances dream prize, when i told him about it he was practicly drooling!

  149. Have entered this wonderful competition!

  150. What an amazing competition.

  151. Fantastic prize would keep us going for a while. Please count me in, thank you.

  152. Brilliant competition.

  153. would make a nice change from eating horse!

  154. I have entered and I would love to win!

  155. Sounds yummy! hope i win!!!

  156. Brilliant prize.

  157. Great prize, making me VERY hungry.

  158. Fabulous prize thank you. Aberdeen Angus, the best you can get and from a local (to me living in Aberdeenshire) butcher. I never buy meat from a supermarket as it is completely tasteless.

  159. Great prize. Hubby loves his beef

  160. I’ve entered! What a great prize.

  161. I’d love to win this

  162. Nothing beats cooking home food with fresh meat!

  163. Great prize, fingers crossed! 😉

  164. What a fantastic prize! I just hope I have enought freezer space for it all! If not, there’ll be plenty to share with fmaily.

  165. Your meat looks really good 🙂

  166. NICE ONE

  167. NICE ONE

  168. We LOVE our meat in this house. This would be a fabulous prize.

  169. i’ve entered

  170. What an amazing prize! I have entered : ) xx

  171. Have entered. Thanks for a lovely giveaway 🙂

  172. Great competition would love to win

  173. I’m on a high protein, low carb diet, so a fab prize for me – much better than all the Easter Egg competitions that are around at the moment!

  174. I would like to enter

  175. Always buy from butchers, straightforward goodness.

  176. Have entered 🙂

  177. Great prize

  178. Entered, now just hoping to win the goodies xx

  179. would love to win this 🙂

  180. I LOVE BEEF!!! I just wish that I could afford to buy it more often. This prize would be brilliant! Xxx

  181. Please enter me

  182. Lovely, count me in!

  183. I’ve entered

  184. Fabulous giveaway, thank you very much

  185. Ooh, what a fab giveaway. Fingers crossed and thanks 🙂

  186. would love to win this 🙂 brill comp

  187. I would like to enter please.

  188. Would love to win this!

  189. I’ve always tended to buy meat from the butchers – it always seems to be better quality than the supermarket meat.

  190. Mmmmm looks delish!!

  191. This meat would be a treat, delicious to eat 🙂

  192. Brilliant prize!

  193. Great giveaway

  194. Wow, great prize!

  195. I’ve entered

  196. I’ve entered thanks

  197. Please enter me. Great competition. Thank you.

  198. Sounds like a fantastic prize!!

  199. Entered @JDavison415

  200. Gotta love a hunk a beef. Thats what the better half says anyway 😐 😀

  201. Love meat, would love to win

  202. entered

  203. Great prize, Good Luck everyone x

  204. Fantastic prize. Everything crossed here

  205. Beef is my favourite, especially with Yorkshire pudding.

  206. That meat looks delicious – yummmm!

  207. Count me in!

  208. all done great comp and lovely meat

  209. i love meat

  210. what a treat!

  211. what a treat!

  212. a really great prize

  213. Great prize!

  214. Have “rafflecoptered”!

  215. This would help at a very financially hard time for my husband and I.

  216. fingers crossed for a great prize!

  217. I’ve entered, would love to win this!

  218. I’ve entered, would love to win this!

  219. I’ve entered – would love to win this! Brilliant prize x

  220. entered this fab competition

  221. Fantastic competition x

  222. Looks like it would be the most delicious cure to my current anaemia!

  223. A great prize!

  224. enter me plese, what a great giveaway

  225. Amazing prize, this would be great!

  226. i’ve entered

  227. Have entered. Lovely comp

  228. I try to buy all my meat from my local butchers – can’t beat the quality.

  229. Fantastic!

  230. I have entered. Thanks

  231. Great competition – my husband is incredibly fussy about his meat and will not eat anything that “doesn’t come in its original form!” Love to eat good quality meat and do mind paying extra – its worth it

  232. Great prize! 🙂

  233. Fantastic Giveaway, please enter me

  234. Awesome prize

  235. Enter me please

  236. wow great prize and would be most welcome in the present times.

  237. Great prize, would LOVE to win this, thanks

  238. Fantastic competition thank you 🙂

  239. We are all meat lovers in this house this prize would be most welcome!

  240. Would love to win this. Cant afford to eat properly normally and have to resort to the supermarket rubbish

  241. Would love to win this, real quality and flavour at last. Please, please.

  242. What a great offer. Would fill my family up like a treat!!

  243. Have entered, fantastic prize

  244. I went to bovine university

  245. Thanks for running this amazing giveawy

  246. My husband and I would LOVE this prize!

  247. good luck

  248. I have entered

  249. gorgeous meat – drooling and it’s only breakfast time!

  250. Entered 🙂

  251. Trying new dishes in our household so this would be great.

  252. Great prize, yes please!

  253. have entered!

  254. What a fantastic giveaway. I love cooking and this little lot will keep me happy in the kitchen for weeks!

  255. Brilliant prize, thank you!

  256. I love meat!!!

  257. Would love to win this!

  258. You simply cannot beat a good roast beef dinner with all the trimmings.

  259. lovely prize, yum 😀

  260. wow ! this would be an amazing prize to win !! commented and doing all i can 🙂

  261. Enter to win a £200 Trusted Food Luxury Meat Pack from @mofind with maureen findley

  262. proper meat and you know what it is

  263. Wow fab prize this would keep my family fed for quite a while

  264. I’ve entered too – cheers

  265. Thanks for the competition :0)

  266. Entered 😀

  267. Delicious prize!

  268. Loving the meat. Have entered

  269. please enter me in the giveaway

  270. Our local butcher never seems to be open whenever we need to buy meat so we always go to the supermarket for convenience. I would love to eat fresh meat again, as I did as a child in the 70s/80s!

  271. Wow, what a lovely prize. Makes me want to fire up the barbie… shame about the snow!

  272. Fantastic prize. Thanks very much for running this competition. Good luck to all 🙂

  273. fab prize x

  274. Have done 5 of the 6 steps, thanks for the giveaway

  275. Amazing prize would be lovely to win.

  276. nice looking meat looks nicer than the meat we get from Tesco

  277. Fab prize

  278. Such a great prize thank you 🙂

  279. Lovely, great to eat real meat from a proper trusted supplier.

  280. Aberdeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

  281. salivating at the thought

  282. I’ve entered!

  283. I’d be my nephew’s favourite auntie – he just loves meat!

  284. damn that roast looks good.

  285. Entered! ;0)

  286. Hi. I’ve entered.

  287. Fabulous prize – fingers crossed x

  288. I’ve entered…..Thanks

  289. Amazing prize



  292. A great prize which would come in very handy for several meals

  293. You can never have enough good Beef!

  294. Yummm!!!! Would love to win this, just think of all the wonderful meals!!

  295. ive enetred x

  296. Entered via twitter @welshyswife, thank you!

  297. Can’t beat a steak!

  298. I have entered, would love to win!

  299. greeat competition !

  300. A great prize – my family would LOVE this (especially the dog!)

  301. Thanks for a great comp, have entered.

  302. Wow! Amazing giveaway!

  303. Fantastic competition fingers crossed

  304. …lush prize, would be great to win proper luxury meat pack..x

  305. Enter to win a £200 Trusted Food Luxury Meat Pack from @aberdeenbutcher with @scottish_mum No veggies in our house! Would love to win this!!! 🙂

  306. What a fabulous prize thanks for the opportunity

  307. Great prize for all the family to enjoy

  308. tasty prize 🙂

  309. Would love to win this. Scottish is best:-)

  310. Amazing prize thankyou! 🙂

  311. Real unadulterated fresh food!

  312. Hooray for knowing what you’re eating!

  313. Wow what an amazing competition, thank you for allowing me to enter, good luck everyone

  314. Great prize, thank you.

  315. what an amazing prize, good quality meat, I would love this.

  316. I love proper butcher’s meat – tastes so much better than supermarket stuff

  317. Wonderful prize.

  318. Please enter me into the competition. My twitter name @DwarfHammyMum

    Thank You xxx

  319. love roast beef

  320. Yes real meat at last no more horse for me

  321. Yes real meat at last no more horse for me

  322. Fantastic giveaway, all that meat would last us ages, we can rarely afford these kind of expensive cuts ;o)

  323. Great prize, could get the whole family round the table for a nice meal

  324. Fab prize. After the recent horse meat debacle I am very weary of buying meat. This selection sounds super. It is great to know the origins of the meat you are buying.

  325. Can’t beat some good meat!!!

  326. It be nice for some decent meat, only time we can afford it, is when it’s a whoopsie at ASDA, most the time we eat quorn products, much cheaper and similar the the actual meat

  327. I always used a good butcher for my meat or if buying always buy scotttish assured now I will only ever buy this xx amazing prize too

  328. fab prize! I try to only buy good cuts now rather than anything processed and just make it go a bit further! So I LOVE all the traditional cuts like shin of beef which is amazing slow cooked!

    Thanks for this!

  329. I’d earn plenty of Brownie points with my fella if I won this! 😀

  330. fab prize, I could have all the family round for dinner

  331. What a great prize. All that would be missing would be some Spring, for a barbecue 🙂

  332. Great prize!

  333. what a great comp- cheers

  334. Fantastic giveaway thanks x

  335. What a fab prize to win.Havent stopped eating meat since the scandal,and beef is my favourite.

  336. Enter to win a £200 Trusted Food Luxury Meat Pack from @aberdeenbutcher with @scottish_mum

  337. Love fresh meat from the local butcher, this is a great prize 🙂

  338. great prize, id love to win

  339. Now more than ever it’s important that you have complete trust in what you’re eating, especially what you’re giving to the kids

  340. Would love to win this!

  341. Oh I have definitely entered to win this fabulous hamper. would be soo lovely x

  342. Great prize1 We no longer have a real butcher here.

  343. What with all the meat problems at the moment, this would be great!

  344. Great prize – thanks!

  345. Lovely to be able to eat ‘PROPER@ meat .

  346. Enter to win a £200 Trusted Food Luxury Meat Pack from @aberdeenbutcher with @scottish_mum

  347. Great prize, please count me in for real meat, from real people who care.

  348. I love visiting my local butchers, the choice of different meats and the quality is wonderful. Fab prize – I would love to enter.

  349. Being from a Scottish family living in England it would be great to win a hamper of the best meat in the world.

  350. Hello!

  351. Would love to win this .. started extra healthy eating with my little boy and partner .. so this would be great!! xx

  352. great prize thank you x

  353. Wow,superb prize to share with my family…….a feast for all the senses!yum x

  354. These are great stuff! I wish I could join but I am far from there…

  355. Ooh I’d love to win this!

  356. Entered – fab prize thank you x

  357. Great Comp. Would love to win

  358. I’ve entered what a great prize

  359. Great prize – entered thank you.

  360. This is great prize, long shot but youl never know.

  361. I have entered, thank you so much 🙂 x

  362. Lovely Jubbly!

  363. i would love to win x

  364. Ooh yes please, meat is getting expensive as well so this £200 prize package will be brilliant to win

  365. fabby yum yum plz enter me 😛

  366. Im not a huge meat fan but gosh hubby would love this..

  367. Entered – this would be brilliant to stock up as my 8 month old is eating us out of house and home lol

  368. Would be great yo be able to afford fresh meat? hope I win?

  369. Would be great yo be able to afford fresh meat? hope I win?

  370. great prize 😀

  371. Thank you its a brilliant competition and prize. I have entered xx

  372. Thank you its a brilliant competition and prize. I have entered xx

  373. This would be fantastic to win as i dont eat any products with gluten so its meat,fish salad and veg for me!This would be a lovely treat.

  374. great meals start with great produce. Bet this would inspire me to cook and not be lazy and buy prepared meals

  375. Meaty goodness! Yes please!!

  376. we only use the butchers anyway as supermarket meat is hit and miss!!

  377. Great competition – love thinking of all the meals I could make with this prize 🙂

  378. Have made an entry x

  379. Have entered xx

  380. cool prize

  381. What an amazing prize!!

  382. proper meat dinners! – love to win this.
    Enter to win a £200 Trusted Food Luxury Meat Pack from @aberdeenbutcher with @scottish_mum

  383. Great prize. Have entered

  384. Great prize. Have entered.

  385. Fantastic. Entered.

  386. Im so excited about this competition and hope I win this fab quality meat comp for my little family! 🙂

  387. Would LOVE to win this suoer prizw.

  388. I have entered!

  389. I have entered!

  390. I have entered!

  391. Entered Thanks

  392. All entered – A great prize

  393. Scottish mum, you have done a great job with writing this post. It’s fabulous to get packed meat and thank you for telling the terms and conditions also.

  394. ive entered, would be wonderful to try some good quality meat

  395. Fantastic giveaway, would love to win!

  396. I’ve entered .. fingers crossed. What an amazing prize!

  397. I have entered and will keep my fingers crossed x


  398. Truly fantastic competition, entered

  399. I would love to win this, thanks!

  400. Great competition thank you for the chance and i love meatonly from the butchers as you know it can be trusted

  401. Can’t beat good quality meat from a trusted butcher. Better to know what you’re eating.

  402. I’ve entered!!

  403. I’ve entered, thanks!

  404. I’ve entered, thanks!

  405. Great comp – have entered @MummyFever

  406. Just the thing to take on holiday for meals in front of the log fire.

  407. fab prize

  408. Fantastic Competition – I have entered

  409. Fantastic Competition – I have entered

  410. Ooooh, wowee, (I think I might need a new freezer as well, mind you!) Entered.

  411. Amazing competition!

  412. Amazing giveaway, have entered xx

  413. Great prize, good to know exactly where the meat is coming from!

  414. Fantastic giveaway and have tweeted @porkpackerpete

  415. I would love to be entered. Thanks @babynotincluded

  416. looks like agreat comp

  417. Ive enetered!

  418. Delicious. Fingers crossed for some proper meat.

  419. Can’t beat a proper butcher for quality.

  420. welcome prize

  421. MMMMMM Would love to win, I’m dreaming of the very thought!

  422. This sounds like a great prize,especially when I found out last week I’d bought and eaten 1 of the products that had tested positive for Horsemeat.

  423. This is a great giveaway xx

  424. Great prize. My mouth is watering at the thought.

  425. I totally agree, I have never been a processed meat eater ( apart from the odd scotch pie) everything is made from scratch. I would like to enter please

  426. Please count me in @anna8301

  427. Great prize – good to see a “Local” butcher doing something across the UK

  428. Fantastic prize,I’ll keep my fingers crossed! 🙂

  429. entered!

  430. I love the fact that people are realising that local butchers have the best quality meat. Local all the way.

  431. This would be meatalicious

  432. Fab prize, thank you, i can think of so many recipes waiting for this prize.

  433. Scotch Beef is the best – says a Scottish beef farmer! Would love to win this and bring it down to south west Scotland.

  434. Enetered the comp

  435. Thank you for a very useful prize

  436. Oh wow what a fantastic prize!

  437. Yum, I would love to win this. Delicious

  438. Yum, I can never resist a good steak if I go out to eat. What a fab prize. X

  439. Yum, I can never resist a good steak if I go out to eat. What a fab prize. X

  440. I use a local farm shop (Sylvester’s in Euxton, Chorley – for a bit of shameless promotion)

  441. Oh this is fab! I always, always buy British Meat and have a bit of a paddy when the supermarkets don’t have enough of it. We love to ‘cook’ in our house and so there are no ready meals in the freezer. That said, we do eat out every once in a while – got to have a well earned break sometimes.

  442. I bet this tastes so much better than the usual supermarket stuff we get!

  443. Great competition! Thank you x

  444. I just adore good beef.

  445. Shared on FB as Tracy Hanson, tweeted as @IANSMIC

  446. ive enteredddd 🙂

  447. Wow, this would come in very handy for us and our 4 hungry boys. Thanks for the opportunity x

  448. What a fabulous prize, Scottish beef is the best!

  449. Great prize

  450. great giveaway, thankyou x

  451. Great prize!

  452. There would be enough for family AND friends!

  453. Entered thanks xx

  454. Brilliant competition!

  455. I’ve commented

  456. I love meat!!!

  457. I’ve entered

  458. Great prize!

  459. Nothing like trusted British produce! 🙂

  460. Sounds great. Love to know where my food comes from.

  461. AMAZING PRIZE! My other half would love me if we won this x

  462. Looks so good!!

  463. Looks so good!!

  464. woul love to win this

  465. Great prize thank you. I normally can only afford beef if it’s on special offer.

  466. Lovely prize

  467. What a fab competition! My Hubby would be over the moon of I won this!!

  468. fingers crossed


  470. Very useful prize. Meat is so expensive at the moment. Would love to eat some good quality meat for a change.

  471. now thats what you call real quality meat and im so happy its real beef lol
    amazing prize
    great blog xx

  472. Following and tweeting @PhillipsBarrie

  473. i entered
    great prize

  474. Please enter me into the giveaway

  475. I’ve entered. I love great quality meat 🙂

  476. We would love to win this bunch of butchers delights.

    Not sure I’d fit all in our freezer but would share with a sister in law if I can’t!
    Pretty please?

  477. Entering this. Love knowing I can trust what I eat 🙂

  478. what a brilliant prize 🙂

  479. Fantastic. Entered.

  480. I really love my meat. A nice juicy steak always goes down well in my house

  481. my husband would love this

  482. just love a nice piece of beef

  483. MEAT FEAST!

  484. Great prize. Count me in!!

  485. Thanks for a great prize

  486. My mouth is watering! Lovely prize, thanks for running the competition 🙂

  487. I’m in, thanks.

  488. I’m in, thanks.

  489. I like it and I like to share it too

  490. great competition, have entered 🙂

  491. Ooooo entered, how fab.

  492. Great prize, fingers crossed.

    1. What a wonderful prize. At the moment everyone wants meat they can trust!

  493. I’ve entered! This looks so so good!

  494. great prize looks lovely meat

  495. Great prize

  496. I’ve entered this contest.

  497. An absolutely wonderful prize – looks meatily delicious!

  498. Fantastic prize – nom nom nom 🙂

  499. I have entered, sounds good prize to win, especially for those on a budget who are concerned about what they are eating after recent revelations concerning what is in our food

  500. I’m in.

  501. Enter me please

  502. Wow – fab prize! Would love to win!

  503. Great prize!

  504. I’d love to win – and just looking at that is making me extremely hungry!

  505. great for my atkins diet

  506. a great prize, would be a real treat!

  507. Lovely prize – sharpening the carvers as we speak!

  508. Scottish Beef yum

  509. Great Comp, Scottish beef is the best in the world.

  510. fab giveaway thanks

  511. Would love to win as looks great

  512. What a fabulous prize – please enter me into the giveaway!

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  514. Great prize would love to win

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  517. i would love to enter, having 3 hungry teenagers this would be perfect x

  518. I’ve entered. Just defrosted the freezer too so there’s plenty of space waiting!

  519. What a lovely prize to give away!
    Local butchers are so much better than supermarkets

  520. Great

  521. Would love to get to grips with so much meat! My lad had just qualified as a chef, so I could let him loose on it and let him get creative

  522. Nowt wrong with horse, if you know you’re getting horse.

  523. Please enter em

  524. I worked in a supermarket butchers when I left school dum de dum years ago and seeing what went into the mince put me off anything but the best forever. The best or none as far as meat is concerned

  525. Fantastic

  526. What a great competition

  527. A excellent prize, i just love fresh meat.

  528. A excellent prize, i just love fresh meat.

  529. Great prize – especially with the barbecue season coming up!

  530. My family adore meat, and my husband ‘Angus’, loves Aberdeen Angus Steaks xxx

  531. Great giveaway!

  532. I really enjoy a good piece of meat. And I am hungry as well.

  533. Would love to win this great pack 🙂

  534. What a wonderful prize

  535. Perfect! I’m in!

  536. Not a red meat eater, but I have 3 men and boys that would love to tuck into some steak!

  537. fab have entered

  538. Fabulous prize! I really shouldn’t try, but it looks wonderful and I do love Scottish beef!

  539. Ooh, it would be lovely to win.

  540. Thank you! Trusted meat is a great prize xx

  541. Strangest comp I ever entered being a veggie! For hubby and kids!

  542. AberdeenAngus -simply the best!!

  543. I never buy meat from a supermarket, and never trust processed food. I’ve entered – thank you 🙂

  544. My lovely local butcher closed down today so I’m going to be shopping around for somewhere to buy meat. Which means I have everything crossed for this!

  545. My lovely local butcher closed down today so I’m going to be shopping around for somewhere to buy meat. Which means I have everything crossed for this!

  546. Thanks have entered

  547. We deal with convenience stores around the country. I’d love them to build direct links with local meat suppliers. We have a group of retailers in the Dundee area.

  548. Fab prize would really like to win this!

  549. I’ve entered this amazing competition with no nasties meat from Andrew Robert Gordan butchers on this fab’ blogsite : )

  550. Sounds fantastic – there’s nothing like Scottish meat!

  551. Wow. I got hungry just reading about the prize. Thanks for this!

  552. Looks great. I love meat and buying it online is convenient. whilst with Andrew Gordon there is a sense taht you woudl be getting good quality.

  553. Awesome prize, fingers crossed!

  554. Fab competition 🙂
    Such a shame that there are so few local butchers left.

  555. Would love a huge meat hamper! What a amazing prize! Sounds great that you are able to get a meat butcher online!

  556. Sad I never got there while I still lived in Aberdeen.

  557. Online butcher’s meat around the UK sounds fantastic and will take the guess-work out of how healthily you are eating. It sounds brilliant.

  558. Great competition and prize!

  559. Amazing prize, this would be great!

  560. Sounds ace! Can’t beat a bit of meat.

  561. Fantastic!!!

  562. Awesome, entered 🙂

  563. Fantastic. Entered.

  564. thankyou for the competition x

  565. Sounds fabulous!!

  566. We get through lots of meat so this would be a great prize!

  567. I’ve entered 🙂 at the moment were on a fish and chicken diet. best to eat what you know. hubby misses his beef.

  568. I’ve entered 🙂 at the moment were on a fish and chicken diet. best to eat what you know. hubby misses his beef.

  569. Love good quality meat from butchers

    1. With 6 grandchildren we’d have a real party meat fest.

    2. With 6 grandchildren we’d have a real party meat fest.
      Thanks for the comp.

    3. How good would it be to win this, It would be amazing instead of processed meat. Good luck

    4. I love eating meat and pretty much eat it every day. My niece loves it even more than me so I expect my fridge to be raided when I win! :0)

    5. would love to win this for all the family –

    6. I can taste it now !

    7. Aberdeen Angus beef is the best, great quality, worth the extra pennies.

    8. Yummmm Dream prize this xxxx

    9. Lovely prize 🙂 Hoping I get lucky!

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