Meringue - Golden Sugar (Basic)

Basic Meringue Recipe – Great For Meringue Nests

Being able to make meringue nests is one of the jobs I wish I had learned years ago. Now that I know how to do it, making all sorts of meringues is now quite easy.  For this recipe you can use a piping bag, or if you don't have one, just pop your meringue mix onto your making paper and use the back … [Read More...]

Shortcrust Pastry 2

Shortcrust Pastry Recipe

For almost every other pastry, I buy it in the shops as ready make blocks and sheets, but for the shortcrust pastry version, I usually make it as it is just so simple and quick to make. It can also be frozen once it's made for another day, so for example, if you were going to make 4 x 4" flan … [Read More...]

bibT official 2

Win a bibT Wipe Clean T-Shirt – Closing Date 4th May 2014

bibT recently sent me a wipe clean t-shirt to review.  I have a very young nephew and thought it would make a lovely present for him, and I was right. The bibT has a very soft t-shirt base which I found hard to imagine until I had one in my hands.   The cotton is 100% organic supersoft and I … [Read More...]

Soup Maker Recipes

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