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Guest Post : Chloe from Cookie Jar Life takes my ticket at Britmums Live in London

Last weekend was the Brit Mums Live conference event for bloggers.  I couldn’t make it so I gave my ticket away for someone who wouldn’t have been able to go otherwise.   Chloe from Cookie Jar Life went instead of me, and I’m not sure how she dealt with having my badge to tootle along all day with her, so hopefully she remembered a nice thick marker pen to write over it.

Chloe has written a post of how she found the day, and I’m glad she had a nice time as it can be a little daunting entering a room of 500 people when you don’t know anyone.


Saturday 23rd June I put my usual routine to one side as I set off to London at the crack of dawn for the event of the month #BritMumsLive.

To say I was a little nervous was an understatement. By the time I reached The Brewery I was already a bit shaky, this was to be my first ‘big’ blogging event.

Welcomed by lovely people I soon headed off into the hub to observe and see what was going down.

Wonderful people everywhere, feeling a bit taken back by it all I kept my space at first then @helloitsgemma and @northernmum1 turned up and I felt more settled.  Walking around the businesses tables there was so much to offer, and of course brilliant freebies as well.

The first session I attended was the ‘Blogging for the Greater Good’ which I found very informative, and I hope some amazing things come out of what the ladies said.  I learned that we can of course help many charities if we wished, but a message will be stronger if you focused on that one thing close to your heart.

Next I disappeared off to ‘Secret and Lies – bad behaviour online’ which to be honest opened my eyes up to how people truly react to trolls and abuse.  I having only experience being sent hurtful comments once, just went for the ‘ignore and delete’ method.

At lunch I was joined by the lovely @dorkymum who put up with me for the rest of the afternoon, and we had some fun having a look round the tables again in the hub and attacking the photo booth. We also found the fruity cocktails and cake!  I was in love 😉

The afternoon workshops of ‘sod the stats’ which I love it was an amazing group of ladies talking, and it was plain and simple to see why blogging should just be about what makes you happy.  Finally I went to ‘writing about your life for non-fiction and memoirs’ which to be honest wasn’t for me.  I did feel a little bored and realised that I wasn’t far enough ahead in my blogging ‘career’ to have any use of it.

The evening was by far the best part of my day, totally shocked by the fact I actually got speaking to Cherry Healey, put me in a great mood.

To listen to the blogger’s keynote speeches, well what can I say… I have never laughed and cried so much in the space of an hour or so.  There were some truly beautiful words read up on that stage. Overall I just loved meeting so many new faces, having the opportunity to experience it all.

I will definitely buy a ticket and return next year.

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  1. Really glad that the ticket went to good use! I went too and did totally different sessions so it’s good to hear what was covered in the other sessions. I’m using the same theme as you for my blog, still refining it…

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