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Google Page Rank. Have you ever wondered where it means you are in the pecking order ?

To put it simply, we all know that Google Page Rank counts for some things, whether we want to admit it or not.  It’s google for heavens sake, and they are the law of he who must be obeyed for good search engine results.  It’s easy to check google page rank, but we need to know roughly where we are so that it actually means something.

An increase of page rank seems to factor as a multiplier, ie it is 10 times more difficult to get move up each step of the ladder from Page Rank 0 to Page Rank 10.  Rumour has it that there are now into the trillions of websites out there, so a little perspective when looking at the numbers helps make us feel a bit better about where we sit in the great Google empire.

We don’t know exactly how Google works it, but going by the guesstimate that it seems to work to, this is a simple way of explaining it.   The even harder thing is that we have no way of knowing at which end of the scale our sites are at.  I’m a 3, so I could be anywhere between ten million and a hundred million.  My next goal is just to slog along to get to that Page Rank of 4.

Google Page Rank 10 – THE top 10 websites in the world.

Google Page Rank 9 –  The top 100 websites.

Google Page Rank 8 –  The top 1000 websites.

Google Page Rank 7 –  The top 10,000 websites

Google Page Rank 6 –  The top 100,000 websites

Google Page Rank 5 –  The top 1,000,000

Google Page Rank 4 –  The top 10,000,000

Google Page Rank 3 –  The top 100,000,000

Google Page Rank 2 –  Low, going by the factor of 10 means within the top 1000,000,000

Google Page Rank 1 –  Low, multiplier added means within the top 10,000,000,000

Google Page Rank 0 –  Very new, or penalised for breaching google webmaster guidelines.

Find out what yours is with a google page rank checker.


14 thoughts on “Google Page Rank. Have you ever wondered where it means you are in the pecking order ?

  1. I have a long way to go. I think I better start blogging more.

    1. It takes lots of us a long time to get going so don’t worry about it.

  2. I’m a 3, but have no idea what so ever all the other stuff you are talking about means! I really could do with a proper course in promoting my blog. I only ever post and tweet, I probably should be doing more

    1. Whatever we are comfortable with is all we need to do.

  3. sobs I have gone back to 0 after changing to a vanity Url. Pass me a tissue so I can blow my nose please 😉

    1. Oh no, thats horrible, it really is.

  4. I’m a 3 too I would love to know how to achieve a higher rank!

  5. I’m a 3 but would like to get be at no. 5, LOL. Seriously though, I suppose my next step is to get to no. 4 but how do I do that; create a better blog?? Deb

    1. Me too, it’s just keeping adding content, using keywords and getting relevant backlinks. Apart from that, there’s nothing much we can do.

  6. Unfortunately it is no measure of importance in terms of any heirarchy, but rather relevance (and links). There are a lot of websites that have significantly more traffic, more custom and are more respectable than those with higher scores, they just haven’t maximised their key words or sorted out their SEO as well. Many directory sites have a PR of 5 but are complete crap…and if you check their traffic, it’s in the hundreds rather than hundreds of thousands.

    If you’re looking to see where your blog sits in any kind of heirarchy, then it’s probably more relevant to check out traffic instead using an SEO tool instead – something like SEMRush is a good tool and you’ll see many have only a hand full of hits per day.

    1. Page rank measures importance through hierarchy and links. There’s no point in being the best and most wonderful website in the world if nobody relevant comes to visit or leave back links to it. A fabulous looking website with wonderful information is useless unless they do some of the keyword and SEO to give it a higher importance than the rubbish websites.

      The rubbish websites that have done good SEO are seen as google as being more important as they’ve done the important stuff to get themselves noticed. If they’re seen as more important, they will be shown in search engines first.

      Many websites don’t care about their SEO, especially if they’re personal blogs or websites, but for business, it’s important to improve I think.

      There are lots of good and different tools to use, which help us find out our stats and how to improve, but in the meantime, PR’s and Writing Assignment Editors tend to go for sites with higher PR as they like to have measurables down on the paperwork for their clients, especially if they want a cut of page rank from a follow link 🙂

      1. Many Paypal page rank 0-1, as do some good press articles, some blogs rank 5. Paypal has millions of hits per day, the blog may have less than 10 hits per day. Yes it’s good having a good rank but an advertiser would (sensibly!) look at traffic as they want their product to be seen.

  7. A 4 here and have no idea what it means to my blog, if anything at all! Just another rank to add to the already overloaded competitiveness that blogging has become.

    CJ x

    1. Hiya Kathryn. You don’t use your blog for PR, sponsored posts, or to get work from, so you’re nothing to worry about with page rank. It does mean your website is doing a fab job with where you are in the world of blogs though. x

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