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Puff Pastry, Ham, Hot Dog, Cheese and Sweetcorn Pizza

The puff pizza – does it exist?  I have no idea actually and perhaps I should really go and look it up.   I keep it in reserve for days when the fridge is coming to the end of its content and needs a help along with some tinned goodies (shhhhh) to fill some empty bellies.

I always have a block or two of puff pastry in the freezer.  I never make it as it’s such a faff, but maybe one day I will and then get myself converted to fresh puff from then on, but for now, it’s always on hand.

Today is an almost at the end of the fridge day and the kids have played footie, cricket, done chores, and have not sat still in the lovely sun that we rarely get to see.

Puff Pizza

With no passata on hand, it’s just a hodgepodge of what was available in my fridge and cupboard today.


  • 500g block of puff pastry
  • 300g wafer thin ham
  • 500g grated cheese
  • small tin sweetcorn
  • tin of hotdogs
  • salt
  • pepper


  1. Flour an oven dish, I used a very rectangle tray that we use for making oven chips.
  2. Roll out pastry to cover the bottom of the tray.
  3. Sprinkle all your toppings of choice onto the puff pastry.
  4. Cover with tin foil, shiny side down.
  5. Bake in oven at 200 for 25 minutes.
  6. Remove tin foil and bake for further 5 minutes.
  7. Serve with whatever is left in the fridge salad wise.

Your oven may run hotter or colder to make sure you keep an eye on how your puff pastry is progressing.

10 thoughts on “Puff Pastry, Ham, Hot Dog, Cheese and Sweetcorn Pizza

  1. I have tried puff pastry at home and it was delicious… i like the varieties you have shared in your blog… all are good recipes that are usually liked by everyone..just like all the varieties…

  2. What a great idea. It looks great x

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