@scottish_mum / My Top 5 Reasons for Twittering


Yada, yada, yada.  I see the look on the faces of anyone that I mention twitter to.  It is normally met with some kind of snigger, and snort, or some comment of how they have far too much to do to spend time on twitter, or asking why I would want to talk to strangers […]

“Flooer wi a Wish” New Year Doric Poem for all my friends with the English Translation


Fir a oor freens fae ower e warld               (For all our friends, all over the world) Fir abody wi ken                                                         (For everyone we know) Ah’m wishin ye a gran new year                (I’m wishing you all a great New Year) Oor freens are a wi hiv                                             (Our friends are all we have) Lets nae tak ony crabbit […]