Carrot and Orange Soup Challenge by Scotty Brand

Carrot Soup

As a Scotty Brand Blogger, I am loving the boxes of goodies arriving with instructions on how to make something that I haven’t made before.  This week, the challenge was to make Carrot and Orange soup, which I managed quite easily.  I had a couple of packs of carrots torn open and being chopped within […]

Guest Recipe: Sloppy Joes Burger by Claire T

This Guest Recipe from Claire, aka and @needaphone on Twitter sounds amazing. Sadly Claire didn’t manage to take a photograph, so that means that I will just have to go and make it so that I can get one.  I’m sure my boys will love giving it a try. ———————————- The trick to this recipe is to […]

Undercover Elder Care on Panorama – Abuse of our Elderly – Rant Corner

Mature Woman

Image: graur razvan ionut / I’ve just finished watching the Panorama programme about Elder Care, where a woman tells her story of how her mother with Alzheimers was abused by the very people who should have cared for her. Suspicious about bruises that had appeared on her mother’s body, she recorded video footage from a […]

Guest Recipe: Seafood Broth from Graeme Taylor


Guest Recipe from Graeme Taylor of Scots Larder, and also found on Twitter as @scotslarder ——————————————— I love seafood, you can’t beat it for freshness, flavour and for sheer enjoyment of experimentation and it goes so well with so many ingredients, it complements chorizo, and the fresh herbs and white wine make it zing. It’s also […]

Guest Recipe : The Best Carrot Cake in the World “ever” from Lindsey Cave


A lovely Guest Recipe from Lindsey, who you can find on Twitter as @MrsVanderCave, with her blog at  That topping is perfection by the look of it. ——————————– This recipe is actually for a carrot cake but it makes a big cake which can sometimes be a bit OTT, particularly if you like to watch […]

More delicious foodiness. Turkey and Potato Soup made with Scotty Brand Potatoes


Making potato soup is a big Scottish thing I think.  It’s often so cold here that soups are ideal for little snacks and to warm us up when we’re cold.   One of Scottish Mum and no measuring recipes again, and I just judge how much goes in by the size of my pot.  I […]

Guest Recipe: Vodka and Tonic Battered Fish & Wedges


Todays Guest Post is from, who is @mrsaimeehorton on Twitter.  Her recipe for vodka and tonic battered fish & wedges is not something I would have ever thought to try, but it sounds very tempting to give a go. ——————– Food for 2 I get a little bit excited when I learn a new kitchen “skill”. […]

Guest Recipe: Mutta Roast (Egg Roast) by Sheba Promod from Absolute Indian, Cooker School and Spice Boutique

Absolute Indian Mutta Roast

The recipe attached is provided by Sheba Promod of the Absolute Indian, Cooker School and Spice Boutique.   The website has a lovely little shop for Indian spices and I was quite surprised to learn that Turmeric is actually known for it’s antiseptic properties. ——————————————————————– Egg Roast (Mutta Roast) Ingredients (serves 2-3)  3 hard-boiled eggs, […]

Making Stock Recipes for Slow Cookers Begins With Experimenting

Slow Cooker Vegetables

How we make our stock is the difference between good and ok food from our slow cooker recipes. It doesn’t matter if we are making soups or casseroles, the basis of good stock makes our meals perfect.  Cooking with a slow cooker is easy, but not satisfied with the results I was cajoled and encouraged […]

Making Tealights – Coco Mango and Tangerine


I made very strongly scented Coco Mango Tangerine and Fresh Linen Tealights to burn yesterday afternoon.  The smells are amazing.  If you want to make your own, follow the instructions on the Mothers Day Blog Post.  Be sure to let me know how your candles turned out.     Related Posts:Mothers Day – Crafty Tealight […]

Caravan Cooking with Scotty Brand Kestrel Potatoes – Slow Cooked Meatball Casserole

caravan meatball casserole2

  We received our package of potatoes from Scotty Brand just before we headed up to the top of Scotland with our caravan.  Sending a pack by way of my brother and his wife, I took 3 bags of their lovely potatoes with us.  We had a couple of baked potato meals, that I didn’t […]

A visit to John O’Groats should be OFF the Bucket List. It’s not worth the effort.


Hyped up over the inflated egotistical corporate self promotional drivel, my family and I were taken in, and began a journey related to the appreciation of the Northern Territories of Scotland.  At the very top of Scotland, we began with a journey to see the topmost camping sites in Scotland, and visit John O Groats […]