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Personalised Gifts for Teenagers

This is a featured guest post.  Who couldn’t use a little extra advice these days about what to buy for their teens.  I had a look at their gifts and I am sorely tempted to get the birthday chocolate pizza for my eldest, mixing the two things that he loves would be fabulous instead of a cake.


Have you ever had the pleasure of shopping for a teenager? If you have then you probably have learned it is no easy task. Teenagers are for the most part very difficult to please. Knowing this, gift givers often agonise over exactly what they should give them. One type of gift they may want to consider giving is a personalised gift. When giving this sort of gift to a teenager, they appreciate the additional thought that went into making it personal. When choosing personalised gifts for a teen, you want to consider their interests and hobbies to make sure the gift fits them.

For those teenagers who are into sports, a sport related personalised gift can be an option. It doesn’t matter if you are buying for a girl or a boy, if they are into a particular sport; this is always a safe bet. The specific item will vary depending upon their interests. Duffle bags and golf bags are a good personalised gift that any sport loving teen can use. Other sports items that can be personalised include water bottles, hoodies, t-shirts and more.

Today’s teens are very tech savvy as they definitely are more wired than previous generations. Often choosing an accessory to go with these electronics is a good idea. These accessories can often be personalised. All sorts of cases and covers are made today for Kindles, iPads, laptops and iPhones.

Teenagers all are very protective of their rooms as this is their space to escape from the rest of the world. A gift idea that any teen would love is some sort of personalised wall art or décor for their bedroom. When choosing this personalised gift, you can consider the interests of the team. You may also consider colours as some teams may have specific colour themes that were used in decorating their bedroom.

5 thoughts on “Personalised Gifts for Teenagers

  1. I can imagine they are not easy to shop for. x

    1. I am dreading mine getting that little bit older. They are hard enough to buy for as it is.

  2. so right, i have 3 teens, and they are not easy to shop for, love the post.

    1. I think they have lovely gifts for lots of different things. Looking forward to getting a few things from there too.

    2. I’ll have 3 teens very soon, I am slightly dreading that phase as they eat me out of house and home as it is..

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