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Bloggy Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 – Week 6!

This is my first go at this so bear with me until I get it sorted.  Doing blog hops has not been my speciality yet, and the only one I have tried, ended up with me just messing it up.  Here is hoping that I manage to get it right this time.

Okay – my reasons to be cheerful.

1 – I have a fantastic mother who does so much to help me, that I cannot even begin to describe how much she means to me as a mother.  She struggles with diabetes, thyroid disease, arthritis and has just passed her 5 year mark for breast cancer.  And yet, she still always thinks of me and my children first, and never complains.  I landed an angel.

2 – My relatively new circle of friends (1 year plus),  has brought me back into a fantastic life, that revolves outside of my own little home bubble.  They took me in, made me one of them, and now I would be lost without them.

3 – I found twitter and blogging.  While I am not Mrs Wonderful Blogger, I am loving it.  I have the opportunity to interact with other women like me.  I can meet and talk to people as and when I need support, a talking to, or just a bit of gossip or banter.

4 – Like some of the other bloggy mums, I have recently been contacted by some PR’s wanting to work with me, which is fantastic.  This is an amazing boost to confidence considering I had to start from scratch when I lost a few months of posts in October.   I have only been going again since November under my new name, and I am happy with how things are going.  This is fun for me, and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

5 – This is a holiday weekend, and I don’t have to rush getting the kids up for the next 5 mornings.

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Nothing Happens at School

The events of the school day always amuse me.  In an average school day, nothing much seems to happen.  I know this for certain, because my children tell me so, each and every day that they come home from school.   You know how it goes.

Mum “Did anything nice happen at school today.”
Child “Nothing much.”

Mum ” Did you have gym, or language.
Child “I told you mum, nothing happened.”

Mum “So you went to school, you didn’t do any work, you didn’t see any friends, you didn’t eat any lunch, and you haven’t got any homework.”
Child “Haven’t I just told you that.”

This is one of the universal truths that I seem to come across with boys, and not just my boys.  I have heard of a few boys who do actually go home and tell their parents how the day goes, but in general, most of us parents of boys seem to get the same answer.  Girls on the other hand, seem to me, to tell their mothers what happens day to day and piece by piece. 

That got me to thinking back to whether I was like that as a child.   I made myself a coffee and sat down to relax.

“Did I always tell my mother nothing happened at school.” I asked myself.  “No” I convince myself, as my mother and I were ‘friends’.   And there we are.  I am as smug as a bug in a rug that I was right about the boy/girl divide in school nothingness.

Grandma was here at the end of the school day today, and as I brought the boys through the door, she puts on a great big smile.

“What happened at school today boys, come and tell me all about it.”  I hear this and think that there will be no reply to it.   I wait for a few seconds and I am not disappointed. 

“Nothing, nothing much, that’s boring,”  come the replies.

 This is repeated a few times and grandma throws her hands up in the air and exclaims.  ” They’re just like you were at that age, they never tell anyone anything.”  And with that, off she flounces to the kitchen to put the kettle on in exasperation.

My first thought was “wow, no wonder no-one tells her anything,” then I remember how I act when my boys walk in the door, and I realise that I do exactly the same when I get exactly the same answer. 

Like mother like daughter.  Who?  Me?  No.