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“Belonging” Doric Poem

In twa thoosan an eliven
We’ll mind it fir life
Iss wis yon year wi muckle bleed
Fir thae fa canna stann up fir themsels
 Oor cooncil took awa their aid
An’ll mak em wait fir yeers oan end
 Bairns wi needs canna find help
Stuffed intae skewls thit canna cope
 An admittin it noo micht help mebbe ane
If they blabber the truth tae us a
 If inclusion’s a wye fir us tae see
Oor bairns’re nae a fit fir them fancy wyes
 Foo sad it maks me tae spy misery
Oan faces o bairns nae wintin tae be
 Find em a space fariver it be
An pit back oan a smile
Fit mair greetins tae see

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“A Braw New Year” Doric Hogmanay Poem

Wir waitin fir the end o the month
Fir oan the thirtae first its a oer
An a new year wi us a cheerin n kissin
As we a ring em bells, an kiss baith loons an quines rosy chiks
Haudin up twa strings ae misseltow, ower fa ye like
Ye a ken fit a mean, wi a did it fan we wir young

An we smile fan we see, a first fit wi his coal
He his tae be dark o hair, an tall as kin be
Coal fir oor fire, a symbol fae the past
Heat tae survive, a braw gift
Noo will be biscuits, or mebbee a dram
A wishin us weel, fir a new year on its wye
Tae the lute o the piper, or the drum

The bells ding, oor clock strikes the midnight oor
Some ring em in, wi a song fae oor past
Maist linkin airms, an singing oot loud
Fir thae auld pals, they’ll nivver forget
Sung the world oer, a hoosehold chant
An a toast o the year tae come, we a hud oot hope
Fir a Happy New Year, tae ane an a