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Cheesecake Flan (Cheats Cheesecake)

This is a complete and utter cop out for cheesecake but is fabulously easy, quick to make and the kids and visitors are always impressed.


    •  1 x Large sponge flan case.
    • 500g Tub of mascapone cheese.
    • 4 Tablespoons icing sugar.
    • 1 Teaspoon vanilla essence (optional).
    • Peaches and pears.


      • Take cover off pre-bought flan case (hard work I know).
      • Mix mascapone cheese with the icing sugar.
      • Add vanilla essence if you want a slightly creamier taste.
      • Spread mix onto flan case.
      • Slice (or drain) peaches and pears.  I dry mine with kitchen roll, then just plop on the top.
      • Pop into fridge for half an hour if you’ve time.

Hey presto.