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Review: Skinfix Soothing Wash and Hand Repair Cream

Every so often, I get offered a non typical product to review, and I was happy to try out the Skinfix products, as dry skin is something I have always suffered from.  I keep my skin, both on my hands and my face, well moisturised, as I think it’s important to, as we age.

Skinfix is a North American skincare brand, and they recently launched, exclusively in Boots.   What attracted me to agreeing to try it, was that it is suitable for newborns and young children, as it’s steroid free, and all natural.  If it’s good for babies, then it’s good for all of us.

Skinfix Hand Repair CreamMainly growing in popularity in the US, the dry skin hand cream has become a bit of a Cult Product, but without the high price tag that some premium brands expect.  I read the hype, but nothing beats trying things out for yourself.

I’ve been using my Hand Repair Cream for a couple of months now, and have loved it.  Smooth and with good coverage, it’s very good at hydrating my dry skin.  I’d have no qualms about using this on my face, and I have done.

It’s recommended uses also include skin problems such as sunburn, eczema and dry/damaged skin.  I particularly like how it also has shea butter, vitamin e and sweet almond oil.

The Soothing Wash, is for dry/sensitive skin, but my kids have also been using it, so it seems to be suitable for all.  With colloidal oatmeal, vitamin e and jojoba oil, it’s a good mix of ingredients.  Non irritating and sulphate free, is always a good thing to me.

Skinfix Soothing WashThe Skinfix Range at Boots, comprises the following:

  • Soothing Wash
  • Hand Repair Cream
  • Soothing Lotion
  • Soothing Eczema Balm

The Eczema Balm, which I haven’t tried yet, seems to be quite popular as a lip balm.  Perhaps I’ll give that a go, over the coming winter.

Promotional Images from Skinfix below.

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