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Showing off kids creativity in the home.

Five interesting and clever ways to show off kids creativity in the home, in collaboration with the removals furniture storage team at Removal Services Scotland.


Why don’t you display your children’s talent and show their skills around the house?  

As well as being proud of what they’ve produced, their work will be on display for their friends and family, to admire at every visit.  

If your children are shy, display the handiwork in their bedrooms, or even inside a cupboard, where they can pop in and admire their work in secret.

1. The wall of frame.

This is a great idea if you have some spare frames lying around, as every good piece of imagination needs framed and displayed, especially if it’s made by the hands of our little ones.  crafty

Hanging our kids artwork on the walls, makes their creations look neater and more professional.  If you also adorn the frames with some nifty colours, the artwork will take on a whole new impression from a distance.    

Having some self decorated frames around is always a good idea.  It makes swapping out artwork – quick and easy, as their skill and dedication for new and often intriguing pieces of art change focus.    

2.  Let them draw on the walls.

I hear you all gasp loudly….

Despite our little ones affinity for scribbling on every surface possible from a very young age, drawing on walls is usually the stuff of parents worst nightmares.  If a sense of carefree abandon hits squarely between the eyes, and you choose to go down this route, you can show off their creativity in a controlled area.  

My Family Hands

Option 1

Draw outlines on the wall and let their minds go wild.  They can be as creative as they wish, filling in the shapes with every shade of colour imaginable.  

Option 2

If you don’t want to draw straight onto your walls, why not buy a large canvas and decorate it together.  As well as enjoying some quality family time, your joint artwork can then be hung in pride of place on their walls.  If you’re very adventurous, your children could decorate a canvas that you’ve already nailed in place, with a modern abstract concept.  

3. Personalised fridge magnets / book-marks.

Every parent knows that the fridge is where artwork goes….  

Why not spice it up a little, by having their little masterpieces turned into personalised magnets, or as book-marks that can hang on the fridge, always there, always ready for the next excursion into a good book.  

Good reading habits start early, and using the magnets and book-marks as presents for their friends and relatives, can kill two birds with one stone.  Grandparents will definitely love a gift with a personalised touch.

4. Get creative with seasonal decorations.

Christmas is a time for creativity.  More than any other time of year, it’s when families can come together with great ideas for decorations, and presents everyone will love during the festivities.

Coming home from school with new craft skills they’ve learned is a common theme among children in the run up to Christmas.  Make the most of those skills, whether they’re making a paper holly wreath, paper chains, or little decorations for the tree.  Kids love to show of those new abilities.  

Whether it’s painted autumn leaves on the window, decorating Easter eggs or at Christmas time you are all bound to get in the holiday spirit and everyone will see how talented your children are.

5. Show off their baking skills.

Not all creativity needs to be shown in an artistic way.  As well as crafts like sewing, model making and even making loom band models, there’s something for everyone, but the one thing we all do….is eat.  Baking sweet treats and helping to make decorative meals, can show off new skills, as well as helping with mealtimes.

Let’s face it, what kid doesn’t love to get messy in the kitchen, so put a smile on their faces with a little help from specialist cookbooks and online recipe sources.  

Mini Banoffee Pies

Image Courtesy of Removal Services Scotland

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