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Mackie’s, now sell chocolate. Yes, they do. Not just lush ice-cream. (Review)

In the past, Mackie’s has always stuck in my mind as the king of ice-creams around here, with the creamy, silky texture.  My mother is very ice-cream picky, and she could always tell if I tried to substitute with something else, if the shop had sold out of her favourite brand.

Mackies Chocolate 2

On Twitter, I was chatting with someone, who said Mackie’s sold chocolate, and from there, Mackie’s got in touch and sent me some samples to try.

Considering it’s Mackie’s, and it’s chocolate, there was no way I would say no to that.  They didn’t ask me to review, but the chocolate tasted so good, how could I not?

It was impressive to find that the ingredients are all natural, and GM-free, and my samples came in the following flavours.

  • Traditional Milk (My favourite)
  • Honeycomb Milk (Kids favourite)
  • Dark Mint Chocolate (Really really good.  I don’t usually like dark chocolate, but I liked this)
  • Dark Chocolate (I didn’t taste this, but I’m told it was lovely)

The chocolate is every bit as good as the ice-cream.  I put a bar of the Honeycomb Milk on my mum’s tray at night, as she often likes a square or two of chocolate if she wakes up during the night. When I took her up a coffee in the morning, all I could see was the empty wrapper…….  The Milk Chocolate was melt in the mouth good and creamy.  Just how I like it.

I can just imagine brownies, or chocolate tiffin, or melted chocolate with strawberries.

Mackie’s are even building a chocolate factory in Aberdeenshire, and that’s one place I am going to enjoy visiting when the time comes, next year, I think.

I saw the farm where Mackie’s make products on the news last night, with their impressive new solar farm, that will export power back into the national grid.

There are new flavours in the pipline, which might even include salted caramel and white chocolate.

Their Aberdeenshire farm has over 500 Jersey and Holstein cows and also produce crisps made from potatoes they grow in Scotland.  Mackie’s seems to be a brand worth a watching for me.

Once a chocoholic, always a chocoholic…

And if there’s none in the shops near you, they sell online too.

3 thoughts on “Mackie’s, now sell chocolate. Yes, they do. Not just lush ice-cream. (Review)

  1. RT @mackiesscotland: A nice review of our chocolate by blogger @Scottish_Mum

  2. RT @mackiesscotland: A nice review of our chocolate by blogger @Scottish_Mum

  3. A nice review of our chocolate by blogger @Scottish_Mum

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