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No Base – Low Sugar & Virtually Fat Free Cheesecake

Using up the Quark I bought as a tester was easier than I thought.  As a diabetic, I don’t want the sugar that is usually added to cheesecake, but I also didn’t want the calories from some of the other options, nor the carbs from a stodgy base.

This is a light and different way to make a type of cheesecake that I think I will go back to, again and again with different flavours to disguise the taste of the quark.  It’s almost fat free and has a very low sugar content.  It’s magic stuff for cheesecake.  It’s mixed well to add air into the cheesecake.  Be warned.  When you get this right, you might never want to go back to horrifically high calorie content cheesecake again in your life.

I ate a whopping serving and a half of this and broke neither my diet nor my carb count.

Quark Cheesecake 2

Baseless Virtually Fat Free Cheesecake

Lesley Smith
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine Dessert
Servings 6 - 8 Servings
Calories 116 kcal


  • Quark Soft Cheese - 2 x 500ml Tubs
  • Stevia - Powdered - To Taste
  • Vannila Essence - To Taste
  • Strawberry Freeze Dried Pieces - 6g - I got from Sainsburys
  • Gelatine - 1 Sachet or 4 Leaf Sheets


  • In your mixer, put your quark, along with four teaspoons of the Stevia, then add in some drops of vanilla. Set your mixer to whip up the cheese.
  • While the cheese is mixing, dissolve your gelatine in a small amount of hot water.
  • Add the gelatine to the cheese and do a taste test. If it is not sweet enough, add a little more stevia until you are happy with it. My kids did the taste test and we used 8 teaspoons of Stevia and five capfuls of Madagascar Vanilla.
  • Put your mixer on high for a couple of minutes, to whip some air into the mixture.
  • Pour into dishes and leave for an hour to set.
  • Serve with fresh fruit on top, or use another sachet of gelatine to create a jelly like fruit topping.


Nutrition count is approximate. I couldn't find the right information for the vanilla extract or the gelatine.


4 thoughts on “No Base – Low Sugar & Virtually Fat Free Cheesecake

  1. My gelatine went into a hard sticky lump and would not dissolve into the quark mixture.

  2. RT @Scottish_Mum: Cheesecake with virtually no fat, very very low sugar. New Recipe. Sin free…..…

  3. RT @Scottish_Mum: Cheesecake with virtually no fat, very very low sugar. New Recipe. Sin free……

  4. RT @Scottish_Mum: Cheesecake with virtually no fat, very very low sugar. New Recipe. Sin free.…

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