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Review: Scottish Edinburgh Cape from Heritage of Scotland

I was given the lovely option of choosing something from the Heritage of Scotland website to review.  I’ve bought from there before, so I knew whatever I chose was going to be great quality.

I could have chosen a dress, or a bodice or something dressy, but I figured I’d not get as much use out of something like that as I would a cape.  It might have been a different if I attended functions and dinners, but I can count on one hand how many I’ve attended in the 11 years since I adopted my boys.

I made a fabulous choice as it happens.

Along with the heritage cape, I chose a wee sterling silver brooch, which I thought I’d need for the neckline, but it wasn’t necessary.

Edinburgh Cape

The made to order Ladies “Edinburgh” Cape comes with two silver coloured buttons at the neckline to fasten it.

I had hundreds of tartans from the Lochcarron Mill to choose from and found it difficult to pin one down.  It’s 100% pure new wool and it’s gorgeous.  Have I said that already?  If I haven’t I really need to say it many times over.

I dislike the tartans I am entitled to wear, but finding something I’d love for years to come was difficult.  In the end, I went for the Scotland Forever tartan.  The blues and purples are perfect for me to wear with the jeans I seem to perpetually live in these days.

I actually have a cheap version of the cape that I never wear as it is such a light tartan that it floats in the breeze and the colours are too light for me.  The made to order version is very much higher quality, which is reflected in the higher price range at £187, but I absolutely love it and it will last for years.

The colours are gorgeous.  My lovely sister in law came for a visit on Sunday so I snaffled her to model it (yes, I know, I’ve been very lucky with my SIL).  She wasn’t keen on handling my camera for me, so she happily stood and let me take pictures.  She’d have walked away with it there and then if she could as she said it was so cozy, so that’s always a good sign.

The cape can be worn as a cape with the scarf element thrown over a shoulder on warmer days, and it even has a hood built into the scarf so it can be put up to keep misty weather out.  It’s a clever design.

She said she wished I’d warned her that she’d be my model as she’d have done her hair and make-up, as well as wearing high heels.

I couldn’t lend her mine as she’s got tiny wee feet, so here she is.  Didn’t she do well?

Edinburgh Cape 5

Edinburgh cape 4

Edinburgh cape 3

Edinburgh Cape 2

Edinburgh Cape 1


6 thoughts on “Review: Scottish Edinburgh Cape from Heritage of Scotland

  1. Great article. Thanks for this wonderful article…. Your article is very nice.I really enjoyed this article…….. Thanks to give this nice article…………

    1. I am so, SO tempted ……. It looks gorgeous. :))

      1. It is gorgeous. So happy with it.

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  3. I love this cape and your sister does an excellent job of modelling it:-)

    1. She does. Thanks. It’s a lovely cape that I’ll enjoy for a long long time. x

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