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Review: New Coca-Cola Life (New Product)

Coca Cola asked if we’d like to try the new Coca Cola Life.  They’ve replaced some of the sugar with stevia for the first time so there is a third less sugar and a third fewer calories.  The cans are green and quite distinctive and tempting to buy for the kids instead of the full sugar Coca Cola.

I do often buy Coke Zero or Diet Coke, but I’m not completely happy with aspartame and saccharin.  My preference would be for a project made fully with stevia and also having zero calories, although I know that could prove difficult as stevia tends to leave foods it’s cooked with a distinctive flavour.

Cola LIfe1

I’m not complaining though.

Some of the stats:

Coca Cola – 139 Calories

Coca Cola Life – 89 Calories

Coca Cola Zero – 0 Calories

Diet Coke – 0 Calories

Cola Life3

The Life Drinking Child’s Verdict:

‘It’s really nice and love it if they put my name on it.’

Cola LIfe7

I have to admit to often buying the Diet Coke that is caffeine free.  It tends to fizz more than caffeine laden drinks, but where I can buy it, I do.  I often wonder if it’s the colour of the caffeine free packaging that stops people or shops buying it.

My ideal drink would be Caffeine Free Diet Coke Life, sold everywhere.

Cola Life8

I’ve made some things with Stevia – mostly using it as a sugar replacement in cakes, sorbet and ice cream.  It works very well, so I’m happy to see some big manufacturers taking it on board and using it in their products.

Stevia is a leaf that is produced from the Stevia plant from Paraguay.  It’s 200 times sweeter than sugar, but has no calories.

I thought it was worth mentioning that all Coca-Cola bottles are fully recyclable.

What I didn’t know was that 97% of all Coca-Cola projects sold in the UK are actually made here.  Coca-Cola Life will be the same.  That’s quite an impressive statistic.

My kids love the green colour of the can.  We’re looking forward to seeing it in the shops.


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  1. I personally don’t like diet coke or coke zero, like you because of the saccarin an aspartame tastes it leaves in your mouth. But I find coca cola original a little too sticky, so have opted for Pepsi recently which to me seems in between, however if coca cola life stays on shelves and makes its way into bard and restaurants, I will certainly be opting for that! I find it a very good middle ground

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