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Review: Relaxing With Nice Smells from Pied A Terre

Relaxing is something that is pretty difficult to achieve when there are children running around a house.

I tend not to watch TV very often, so most of my relaxing time is around sitting at my computer and either writing, researching, tweeting or blogging.

As someone who makes her own candles, it was lovely to try a couple of new scents from Pied A Terre.  I tend to light a lovely candle when I sit down to type as it distracts me from the daily housy smell.  My husband doesn’t get on well with spray air fresheners as they tend to make his asthma worse, so candles and reed diffusers tend to be my only option for nice smellies.

Strawberries tend to make me think of green fields, while orange and clementines transport me to lazy holidays in lovely climates.

Pied A Terre 1

When the House of Fraser offered to let me try some of the range available, it was the fruity ones I leaned towards.  I’m always a sucker for fruity smells and new ones are gratefully welcome.

I chose to try the Plun & Black Amber Luxury Candle, and the Clementine and Sweet Geranium.

Pied A Terre 2

I have the clementine and sweet geranium candle in my lounge, and the plum and black amber in the small office where I do most of my thinking and typing.

They are gorgeous candles, which I know I am going to love over the next few weeks while I burn them away.  Thank you to the House of Fraser for sending them, they really are lovely.

Pied A Terre 3

Pied A Terre 4

Pied A Terre 5

Pied A Terre 6

Pied A Terre 7


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