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When do you need to hire an architect?


Whether you are hoping to turn your modest two-up two-down into one of the beautiful properties you find on the pages of some glossy magazine, or are simply expanding your kitchen, have you considered hiring an architect?

An architect will most definitely add a touch of class to your remodelling, but a professional finish does come at a cost. Some people are of the mind-set that architects are only for multimillion pound mansions, while others will hire one for the smallest of DIY jobs.

Architects are trained in building design, engineering, project management, and ergonomics. They are able to come up with ideas to solve design problems and ensure a property is true to itself.

The cost of an architect varies between region, architect, and pricing structure. If an hourly rate, you can expect to pay somewhere between £75 and £110 an hour, or 5-10% of the cost of the project.

What you need to really consider is whether you need an architect to achieve the look you are going for, in both design and construction. Here are five reasons that you might want to hire an architect for your build.

Visualise the completed project

 While an architect’s training and skills are essential for him to be able to produce your desired design, one of the most important things they can offer you is a refined vision of the completed project, as well as an in-depth knowledge of all the steps in between.


 Architects don’t simply draw up plans for the property or remodel, they also ensure that your building complies with building regulations and planning laws. Architects are skilled people that can solve structural problems, whilst maintaining the building’s aesthetics.

Hire contractors

 Your architect is the one person that understands your project inside out, so it makes sense that they are the same person that hires the contractors. They will be able to hire the right professionals to do the job to your specified requirements.

Project management

 Contrary to popular belief, the architect’s role doesn’t end once the plans are drawn up and the builders move in. Architects are also able to manage the project right through to the very end. It is up to you how involved the architect is in the build.


More and more buildings are being built with the environment in mind. If this is something you are conscious of, an architect will have the expertise and knowledge to realise your dream property, whilst being green.


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  1. If you have vision for the design then you don’t need an architect. Architect will help you examine alternatives to create a visually appealing home with high quality design and detailing to make certain your goals, desires, and requirements are met.

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