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The Gallery 176 – Morning

Grannies Heilan Hame Digging

This weeks theme is “Morning”.

Last year, we paid a small fortune to hire a static at Grannies Heilan Hame, and one that was overlooking the beach.  It was lovely, and when the tide went out, there were some lovely mornings where middler could go and dig on the beach, even on his own as we were so close to him.    The view was absolutely gorgeous and is still the best view I’ve seen in the past year.  Even France just didn’t have anything like the same views where we were.

It’s fast coming up to April again and the fabulous time of year when new things grow and baby animals are born.  It’s a great time of year to be out and about with kids, and sunny mornings are something to be thankful for. I’m looking for ward to them coming around again very soon.

Grannies Heilan Hame 1

If you’re not sure what the gallery is, pop over to Tara’s at Sticky Fingers and see.   Just click the blog badge.


3 thoughts on “The Gallery 176 – Morning

  1. Oh wow this beach looks absolutely incredible! That first photo reminds me of holidays spent in Wales as a child. Long sandy beaches and much digging! Great fun 🙂

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