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Review and Giveaway: Thomas Kitchen Knives From Tesco – Closing Date: 1st June 2014

I’ve been attempting to take part in the Tesco Blogger Challenge recently, which meant I had to try my hand at vegetable carving.  In the end, I’ve had to give up as it seem that my skills really do not lie in carving vegetables.  I tried mushrooms and tomatoes and although I could slice and dice with absolutely no problem at all, the more delicate work for carving seemed to escape my hands.

So, in short, I found decorative carving much harder than it looked, but the Thomas knives that Tesco sent me to practice with are absolutely fantastic.  I really did think twice about showing you some of the pictures of my disasters, but hey ho, I can only get better if I keep trying.

See how much work I still have to do – to be able to do some of the fabulous carvings I’ve seen online.


To give you an idea – THIS is what I was trying to get and failed miserably with.   It’s classed as “easy.”

Tomato Rose

I’ve not given up.  I have a plan and am going to try again, so be prepared for another post for Thomas Kitchen Knives from Tesco, but in the meantime, Tesco have also offered a set of 5 knives, including the knife block, for one lucky reader of my blog – and I want to get that out to my readers.

In the set are:

  • 1 x Knife Block
  • 1 x 4.5″  Utility Knife
  • 1 x 5.”    Small Santoku Knife
  • 1 x 6.8″  Large Santoku Knife
  • 1 x 7.4″  Cook’s Knife
  • 1 x 7.8″  Bread Knife

For anyone who is not sure what a Santoku Knife is, it has Japanese historical significance.  It is a knife that is excellent at chopping, cutting, dicing and mincing.    Blades usually range from around 5″ – 8″ and has a design that is comfortable in the hand, and allows good grip while still being able to use the full functions of the knives.  

The dimples on the blade help release the food after cutting and helps with its versatility.

The closing date for the set of kitchen knives on offer is 1st of June 2014 at midnight.

Tesco are also running a sticker promotion between 3rd March – 1st June 2014 where you can save up to 70% on exclusive kitchenware products at Tesco. For every £20 you spend online OR in-store you can collect a sticker, once you’ve collected five stickers you can use these to save up to 70% off professional kitchenware items of your own.  Stickers can be collected from 3rd March 2014 – 25th May 2014 and must be redeemed by 1st June 2014.   Find out more.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thomas Logo

Terms and Conditions

  •  Open to anyone over the age of 18.  Open to UK Mainland Entrants only.
  • 1 Winner will receive a set of Thomas Kitchen Knives and a Knife Block from Tesco.
  • The prize will be sent to you directly from Tesco.
  • The Scottish Mum Blog is not responsible for your prize and cannot be held liable in any way for non delivery or non receipt.
  • Winners will be notified within 3 days of giveaway end. If the winner does not respond within 7 days, a new winner will be drawn.
  • The winners will be chosen by Rafflecopter random generator.
  • Tesco and the Scottish Mum Blog reserves the right to amend, add or withdraw this giveaway at any time.
  • Each entry method entitles you to one entry into the draw.
  • You may tweet daily. Each tweet counts as a rafflecopter entry, only if you enter it into the rafflecopter widget daily.



243 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway: Thomas Kitchen Knives From Tesco – Closing Date: 1st June 2014

  1. cheese burgers

  2. Curry!

  3. I like bacon

  4. a homemade curry and rice

  5. My fav food is chocolate and beef, not together thou

  6. Grilled chicken and salad

  7. a nice tomato and basil soup with warm fresh bread

  8. eggs any form xxx

  9. shepards pie!

  10. roast beef with roast potatoes and veg

  11. baked tomato and feta cheese 🙂

  12. Chicken mole burritos

  13. Chocolate truffles

  14. sushi

  15. spaghetti carbonara

  16. Curry

  17. Carbonara.

  18. very old fashioned – prawn cocktail

  19. My favorite food is farro and grilled vegetables. Thank you for the giveaway.

  20. my favourite food is mashed potato!

  21. my mums sunday roast 😀

  22. That’s such a hard question but i guess my favourite would be bacon, it’s a great meal in a sarnie but also a great ingredient for so many meals too.

  23. I think i’d have to say steak!

  24. Nice Beef Pie

  25. Cheese ♥

  26. Any sort or roast meat with roast potato and veg…yum yum yum!

  27. Can’t beat Sushi – don’t get it very often, as rest of family don’t like it 🙁

  28. My husbands home made curry

  29. Tough call but I’d have to say CHEEEEEESE

  30. roast lamb dinner. Yum.

  31. Roast lamb with all the trimmings

  32. Crispy Mongolian Lamb

  33. Chocolate and vanilla cheesecake

  34. Sourdough!

  35. strawberrys

  36. Steak

  37. I love Chinese Stir Fried Food

  38. A nice tenderloin steak medium rare with peppercorn sauce

  39. BBQ Pulled Pork

  40. Prawn Jambalaya!

  41. Risotto 🙂

  42. Icecream

  43. Chocolate

  44. love sausages

  45. Steak!

  46. Garlic prawns

  47. crisps unfortunately

  48. My favourite food is my girlfriend’s home cooked chicken ceasar salad! It’s incredible!!!

  49. My favourite food is pesto humous, absolutely love it nom nom

  50. Being Italian I automatically love pizza, pasta & bread 🙂

  51. Favourite savoury food is Prawns,favourite sweet food is chocolate

  52. tuna pasta bake

  53. pasta

  54. Pad Thai with Prawns

  55. Pork Sausages

  56. Thank you for the competition. I imagine that such carving would be a hard task.

  57. A good old fashioned roast dinner.

  58. Cheese! I’d eat it all the time if I could!

  59. Chocolate first, then chicken in creamy mushroom sauce

  60. salad with lots of fruit and crispy veg

  61. Bread!!

  62. Lasagna

  63. Olives!

  64. Chilli Con Carne 🙂

  65. Roast beef

  66. Just one is hard, but if I’m treating myself I love steak and ale pie 🙂

  67. roasted butternut squash chips xx

  68. Pizza!

  69. Roast Chicken

  70. Beef casserole made with red wine and redcurrant jelly with creamy mash and steamed asparagus – delicious!

  71. mmm I love sushi and lasagne (but only my mums)

  72. I love corn beef pie

  73. Oh my gosh, What a difficult question. I love all food. Right now I fancy a piece of chocolate!

  74. I so love sausages, especially on the bbq

  75. I love raspberries!

  76. I do like cheese

  77. medium rare steak, chips, peas, mushrooms, peppercorn sauce and LOADS of French mustard! Delicious!

  78. Can’t wait to try the Japanese santoku knife. It looks awesome

  79. full roast dinner

  80. Homemade bread

  81. Lasagne

  82. A hot & spicy curry

  83. My favourite food is curry

  84. Shepard’s Pie

  85. I love stew, tatties and veg followed by sticky toffee pudding if there’s still room 🙂

  86. Chinese chicken chow mein

  87. Chicken curry is my fave

  88. Home-made steak and kidney pudding

  89. I love Mexican food! Can’t beat it 🙂

  90. icecream

  91. Paella

  92. My favourite is lasagne.

  93. Seafood – prawns, cockles, mussels etc I love em

  94. Toad in the hole with loads of gravey

  95. my favourite food is chinese

  96. my favourite food is chineses yummy

  97. my favourite food is chineses yummy

  98. CHeese!!!!

  99. Thai green curry. Its vegan if you get curry paste with no fish sauce in it, and yet it tastes so rich and creamy with all that coconut milk! Guilt free 😀

  100. roast beef in a giant yorkshire pud with really thick gravy

  101. Garlic King Prawns!

  102. fillet steak with peppercorn sauce and roasted sweet potatoes

  103. fillet steak with peppercorn sauce and roast sweet potato wedges 😉

  104. duck pancakes

  105. Marinaded roast pork with steamed potatoes and lots of vegetables and sauce!

  106. Anything with cheese 🙂

  107. Roast Chicken!

  108. Roast Chicken!

  109. Cheese

  110. steak and chips

  111. My sweet tooth loves alabama fudge cake. (Savoury a nice roast chicken dinner)

  112. My favourite food is poached eggs on wholegrain toast – quick, tasty and nutritious at any time of day.

  113. Chicken Curry

  114. Chinese 🙂

  115. Pancakes

  116. Lasagne 🙂

  117. Curry

  118. chicken jambalaya

  119. steak and chips!!

  120. Spaghetti Bolognese

  121. I love food and have several favourites but if I had to choose one it would be a lamb madras

  122. lasagne and blackberries

  123. Steak, New potatoes, and grilled mushrooms (Tip always cook your steak from room temperature!)

  124. Cheese

  125. A good steak and chips or a Roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings x

  126. My favourite food is toast as it is so versatile but it has to be made from home made bread and it has to be well cooked

  127. nothing beats a nice traditional Sunday Roast dinner 🙂

  128. Wow, what a hard question! I have so many I couldn’t possibly choose. I adore most Italian food and am partial to a nice curry as well – to be honest though there isn’t much food I don’t like!

  129. stew and dumplings.

  130. rare roast beef with all the Sunday lunch trimmings

  131. I’d be totally rubbish at vegetable carving too! I think my favourite food is Caesar Salad.

  132. My favourite is beef stew and dumplings x

  133. Wispa Golds 😀

  134. Pizza

  135. lasagne

  136. Toad in the hole! No veggies to be seen…

  137. Carbonara with lots of parmeasan cheese

  138. I love lasagne

  139. I love lasagne

  140. T BONE

  141. T BONE

  142. T BONE

  143. seafood risotto

  144. Potato – jacket, mash, chips – yum!

  145. Sausage Cassarole with mash, yummy

  146. i love cheese

  147. My favourite food is a roast dinner

  148. My favorite food has to be Beijing roast duck.

  149. I love risottos, especially wild mushroom

  150. steak and chips or lamb curry

  151. On a cold winters night I love haggis and baked beans; easy, fast and tasty!

  152. My favourite food has to be Pasta

  153. My Mums fish pie 🙂

  154. Lasagne. Mmmmmmm

  155. At the minute I’m experimenting with prawns, my king prawn kebabs are pretty addictive …!

  156. A good curry.. Chicken biriyani..

  157. Homemade pizza.

  158. Roast dinner

  159. Tell me what your favourite food is.
    ooohhh easy question – any thing someone else has cooked

  160. Mexican food

  161. it would have to be prawns

  162. I love chinese food


  164. Chicken in any way shape or form xx

  165. Chicken

  166. lasagne

  167. Homemade Lasagne

  168. Anything that involves garlic and king prawns

  169. Chocolate!

  170. I love a stir fry either chicken and chorizo or fish eg salmon or prawns. I know the chicken and chorizo isn’t authentic, but it is very tasty.

  171. Lasagne! 🙂 and wow, that rose looks tricky!

  172. My favourite food is sausage and mash!

  173. Lancashire hotpot

  174. roast lamb and all the trimmings

  175. chocolate

  176. Any kind of Indian food, I love it all 🙂

  177. I love a casserole on a sunday but if I am going out for a meal, I would get a fish dish

  178. Salads with everything on it. Peppers,pickles,cheese. You name it id eat it with crusty brown
    buns with best butter.

  179. Donuts 😮

  180. Meat and potato pie!

  181. Vegetable Lasagne

  182. Anything spicy so love curries and chillis

  183. I love a stir fry, usually including diced chicken with the usual spring onions, garlic, ginger, then either Thai or Chinese style and lots of other veg with it on long grain fluffy rice.

  184. pizza 😀

  185. CHOCOLATE!!

  186. Hard To pick just one – but I think it would be eggs as they are so versatile.

    Well done on trying that carving – it looks really hard and I am sure you will improve, not sure that I would have been able to do as well as you did, tomato ‘flowers’ are about my limit but is does look interesting.

  187. steak and chips

  188. Roast Chicken

  189. Roast beef

  190. Steak and Chips

  191. I love cheese, in particular goats cheese yum yum !

  192. Seafood pizza!

  193. sunday roast 😀

  194. Steak, chips served with fried onions, and homemade red cabbage with onions and apples

  195. roast chicken

  196. My answer to this question changes from moment to moment. But in the interest of fairness, I will attempt an answer, so long as you promise not to hold me to it 🙂

    My favourite food is king size prawns, which have been marinated, while still in the shells, in olive oil, tobacco and parsley. Then shallow fried and served with fresh bread, for the sauce.

    1. Clearly I meant Tabasco, not tobacco. Bloody spell check 🙂

  197. cheese on toast 🙂

  198. Toad in the Hole

  199. I love stir fry it’s quick and easy and can change according to what I have in!x

  200. Chicken Chow Mein

  201. chocolate!!!!!

  202. porridge

  203. Chinese please

  204. Tiger Bread, yummy

  205. Cheese! I really love cheeses but I have to very much limit my nibbles because I am no good at the stopping part!

  206. Macaroni cheese x

  207. Just about any Indian food

  208. Any pasta dish.

  209. marzipan

  210. Favourite food: Rare steak with mixed salad.

  211. fish pie! (cream doughnuts, too)

  212. fish and chips

  213. Curry, any sort, I love it

  214. Salads I Love Them

  215. Lasagne

  216. cottage Pie

  217. I love Pizza!

  218. At the moment my favourite food is sweet potatoes.

  219. Sweet chilli chicken with egg noodles

  220. a succulent rack of lamb, a real treat 🙂

  221. Cheese for me.

  222. A nice lamb roast dinner.

  223. Anything that doesn’t involve olives

  224. Hard to pick just one … I’ll go with roast duck!

  225. Freshly made sourdough bread . Well done for attempting to carve! 🙂

  226. chocolate and pasta (not together)

  227. At the moment it is cheese.

  228. Oh goodness, I don’t have just ONE favourite food – I love it all. Except kidneys and okra. So there you have it, my favourite food is anything that doesn’t involve kidneys or okra.

  229. Paella!

  230. Steak and frites

  231. Just one food?! Eggs would win for me.

  232. Chicken casserole

  233. Oh my word, that does not look easy! I’d love to have a go though.

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