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Mothers Day With Maw Broon’s

We received a lovely parcel from the Maw Broon’s Home & Kitchen Range.   The first thing we saw when we opened the wrapping was a lovely large jute bag that will come in handy.

We’re just bag fans here and some new ones are badly needed.  We use  them when we go to the beach, for dog bowl carrying & for picnic stuff when we go on holidays.

Ours are rarely used for the purpose of actual shopping, but maybe we’ll need to change that if we head off to the continent with our Maw Broon’s bag on hand.

Maw Broons 1

Most people seem to like us Scots when we’re abroad for some reason, and they do like to copy the accent, or try to at least.

Maw Broons Scottish Fudge

With Mothers Day on the horizon, buying anything for my own mother is almost impossible as she never wants anything.  I think I’ve mentioned how frustrating I find that in blog posts before.

Maw Broons Shortbread

There are lots of goodies in here that I just know she’s going to like.  The Fudge and the Caramel Shortcake are likely to be the most popular items from the bag, and as I already have the Cooking with Bairns book, it’ll be squirreled away for a Xmas present when the time of year comes around.

Maw Broons Caramel Shortcake and Cooking With Children

I don’t think I’ll be able to keep hold of the Caramel Shortcake though.  As soon as the kids come home from school, it will be snapped up pronto.

Tea is always a welcome addition to our house so the lovely teacosy is ideal and I suspect the box of teabags will be in Scottish bellies very soon.

Maw Broon Tea Cosy

Maw Broons Afternoon Tea

Maw Broon, along with Oor Wullie was part of our childhood up here.  The annuals were a yearly Christmas present for everyone I knew growing up, and I do the same for my boys.

It’s lovely to see Maw Broon come out of her shell.  Wonder where Maggie and Daphne are?

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  1. i also used jute bag. yes it’s really good and comfortable for shopping , traveling, carrying etc.

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