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Getting Organised: How to Get to School on Time

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For many parents, the weekday mornings are an absolute nightmare. Most days, being able to get to school on time is nothing short of a miracle, especially when there’s more than one child to worry about.

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Some parents may look at the laidback ones wondering ‘how do they do it?’ while others will be so stressed out by the whole ordeal that they need a couple of hours each day to get over it (in their dreams!).

The key to getting to school on time, and stress-free, is organisation.  If you’re organised, very little can go wrong. Your kids will be out the door on time, and you’ll feel a lot less hassled than if you hadn’t planned things in advance.

Here are some great ways of making sure that you’re organised, so that your family can get into some good habits and make the school run as painless as possible.

  • Get the school uniform ready the night before. From the t shirt, jumper and pinafore right down to the socks and underwear, if it’s all laid out and ready to go, getting ready in the morning will be a doddle. Choose crease-free school uniform from George and you won’t have to worry about ironing it, either.
  • Prep packed lunches the night before, too. Better still, opt for school dinners if that’s an option!
  • Put everything in the car that can be put in there before you go to bed. Book bags and PE kits won’t be needed in the morning, and if they’re already in the car, they can’t be forgotten!
  • Keep a timetable on the kitchen wall so that you know what after school club or class the kids have on what days. If there’s specific kit they need, such as their football boots or their swimming kit, you will be able to ensure this is ready and won’t be left at home.
  • If you have paperwork to fill in, do it the night before (or as soon as you get it). Make sure it’s back in their bag, ready to go.
  • Keep the TV off until the kids are completely ready for school and make sure they understand that, sometimes, they will have to leave before the end of the programme. Bribe them with the option of recording it – the joys of Sky+!
  • Make sure that you’re completely ready before getting the kids up. Don’t worry about looking amazing either; not unless you have to run straight off to work. You can always sort yourself out when you get back home.
  • Avoid open-ended questions if you can help it.  Rather than asking what they want for breakfast and being met with a sea of options, give them an either/or.  The same applies for how they want their hair, what to wear, etc.

Getting through the school gates on time isn’t easy, but it’s completely doable by applying a little bit of forward thinking and planning.

Get super-organised, get up and get gone for a stress-free start to the day.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I’m relieved to see I’m already doing many of the things suggested although I cannot leave the house without my shower and hair wash. I was laughing hysterically at the concept of the children getting up after me. Tell that to Katie who was up and ready to go (dressed I might add because I put her uniform out last night) at 5:55am! I’m a tired and cranky mummy, as I am most mornings. She managed to wake the whole household up at that time so sometimes letting her watch the tv in the morning is preferable to her waking everyone up, believe me I think I’ve tried everything and suspect I might have to give in and go with her flow!

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