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Happy Mothers Day: Sunday 30th March 2014

Mothers Day

I used to think of Mothers Day being a little like Christmas for Mums.  Now I’ve grown up, I appreciate every little thing that anyone does for me on any day, and hope I will be pampered just a little bit on that one day a year we are meant to get a break.  It doesn’t always happen, and I have been known to buy my gift and get it wrapped so that the kids can give me something I really want.

So, what is Mothering Sunday really?

Mothering Sunday is when children usually give a gift to their parents, even if it is just breakfast in bed, or a big hug to say they appreciate them.

Mothers Day is usually the fourth Sunday of Lent and means it can end up on different days each year.

Traditionally, it was known as the day during Lent, where fasting rules begin to relax.  Like so many other holidays, it’s said to be inspired by stories in the bible.

Historians believe Mothering Sunday came about from the 16th Century habits of visiting a mother yearly, where young women in service and apprentices were allowed to go and visit their parents for that weekend.

In our modern world, it is more used as a means to honour our mothers and showing our appreciation for them by buying gifts, or spending time with them.

More formally known as Mothering Sunday, it’s held on the forth Sunday of Lent.   We can work it out to three weeks before Easter Sunday and is usually around the end of March or the beginning of April.

The modern version of mothers day is no longer basked in religious connotations.   It’s a celebration of motherhood that is revered by families UK and world wide.   People all over our little country visit their mothers and bring gifts and food to their mothers and their grandmothers.


As it is a day to honour the women in our lives that have given up so much to be our mentors and guides, we should try to make a special effort to show our appreciation, love and affection for our maternal relatives.  The women can be our mothers, grandmothers, step-mothers, foster mothers, adoptive mothers, mothers in law and many more.

An important part of mothers day is not the gift, but the time we spend with our treasured relatives.  If people can afford it, they usually take their mother figures flowers, chocolates and gifts, before whisking them off for a meal to celebrate the occasion.  Those who cannot visit their nearest and dearest tend to send gifts and cards to remember them by.

Be sure to book early if you are going out for a meal, as places can be hard to come by at short notice.

Kids, if you’re listening, hint hint, I’d quite like not to cook this year.

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