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Featured Guest Post: Four Great Home Burger Ideas

A favourite of pub, restaurant and café menus across the country, the burger is one of the most satisfying and hearty meals around.

Kids love the tasty flavours and the French fries that often go with them, making them a great choice for easy home dinners. Plus, by making them yourself, you can quickly and easily come up with some great tasting burgers that will knock your family’s socks off.

Burger Fries

Chorizo And Chilli

To make a delicious chorizo and chilli burger, simply take some beef mince, some sliced chorizo sausage and some finely chopped chilli.  Mix together, let it rest for a few minutes and then grill or fry until cooked.

The spicy flavours of the chorizo and the chilli will set the beef off nicely and create a delicious burger for your family to enjoy.

Built-In Cheese

This one is great for anyone who loves a generous slice of cheese with their burger.

Simply take your beef mince, add a little seasoning and then form it into a burger around a large piece of your favourite cheese.

As the burger cooks, the cheese will melt, giving you a delicious surprise in the middle of your meat.

Sweet Potato And Feta

Though it can be hard to find a good veggie burger recipe, this one works really well and provides a tasty and nutritious burger for any vegetarians to dig into.

First, roast the sweet potato then mix it with feta and a little chilli. Add an egg to help bind it all together, and then grill or fry. Try not to cook the burger for too long otherwise it can become a little dry.  Serve with French fries and voilà.

Chicken, Avocado And Blue Cheese

A good healthy option for any meat eaters out there is a grilled chicken, blue cheese and avocado burger.

Just before the chicken is cooked, place a slice of blue cheese on top and allow it to melt over onto the chicken. As blue cheese is quite strong, you won’t need very much to really make an impact. Place a few slices of avocado in the burger for a great finishing touch.

Once you’ve found your perfect burger recipe, simply cook up some crispy McCain French fries to go with it and you’ve got a simple, delicious dinner that all the family will love.


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