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Win Kapersky Internet Security For A Year (Multi-Device) Closing Date 30th March at Midnight

I try very hard to keep viruses out of my Computer system, which is why I am always happy to help when a well known Internet Security Company begins to talk to me.  I don’t think enough of us take our online security seriously enough and anything that helps us to stay safe is a winner in my eyes.

I am pleased to offer a one year Internet Security package in conjunction with Kapersky for one lucky reader.

The Prize is:

Kaspersky Internet Security –  Multi-Device for up to 3 devices for one year.

The closing date is 30th March at Midnight.

Kapersky Internet Security can cover real-time protection against all new and emerging malware and Internet threats.

kapersky internet security

It ensures that all applications and files that you open, save or download from the Web are scanned right away.   It will also monitor potential threats and analyse how dangerous they are and take preventative steps before they can do any harm.

Kapersky can cover Windows PCs, Macs, Android Smartphones and Tablets, iPhone and iPad devices, and also includes a safe browser for iOS.

The award-winning security will protect your PC against all types of malware and Internet threats, including trying to steal your money or identity.

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Terms and Conditions

– Open to UK Mainland Entrants only.
– 1 Winner will receive 1 Year of Kapersky Internet Security (Multi-Device) for up to 3 devices for 1 year.
– The prize will be sent to you from the Kapersky PR rep.
– The Scottish Mum Blog is not responsible for your prize and cannot be held liable in any way for non delivery or non receipt.
– Winners will be notified within 3 days of giveaway end. If the winner does not respond within 7 days, a new winner will be drawn.
– The winners will be chosen by Rafflecopter random generator.
– Kapersky and the Scottish Mum Blog reserves the right to amend, add or withdraw this giveaway at any time.
– Each entry method entitles you to one entry into the draw.
– You may tweet daily. Each tweet counts as a rafflecopter entry, only if you enter it into the rafflecopter widget daily.

45 thoughts on “Win Kapersky Internet Security For A Year (Multi-Device) Closing Date 30th March at Midnight

  1. so my daugher can be safe online x

  2. To keep my data and details safe , and to protect from viruses.

  3. to protect against viruses and hackers

  4. Stops viruses etc. from doing any harm to my computer

  5. to protect from viruses

  6. to protect from viruses and people phishing

  7. Its not only there to keep your computer safe, but to keep you and your personal information safe too!!

  8. It protects your computer from viruses.

  9. Internet security is important because i absolutely love finding new websites but I want to be sure that the sites I visit are safe and won’t add nasty things to my computer.

  10. to protect sensitive information – like banking details

  11. Because unprotected computers are extremely vulnerable and your information will be stolen!

  12. Because viruses are nasty and hard to get rid of if you get them on your machine

  13. its important as there is so many viruses and Trojans that can not only ruin your computer and delete your files but gain personal / banking information too so decent protection is very much needed!

  14. to protect myself from getting viruses

  15. keeps computer free from threats like spyware

  16. Blocking Trojans !

  17. Iv ruined a laptop before by not having decent internet security and getting a virus in an email, so need some for my new one

  18. To keep your computer running smoothly and to protect it from viruses.

  19. It’s important because it stops viruses from ruining your computer.

  20. To protect from potential viruses

  21. To keep my computer free from any nasty viruses

  22. to keep hackers and fraud and also viruses at bay

  23. Security software is important to protect you computers & devices safe from viruses, malware and security problems – having lost pcs due to viruses (many years ago!) I know how important this is, better to spend a small amount of money now than to go through the hassle of trying to sort out problems, or even having to invest in new hardware

  24. To protect your computer from viruses & information theft.

  25. Internet Fraud scares me

  26. I’m paranoid about my details being compromised so computer safety is very important to me.

  27. To keep on-line experiences safe and free from danger of viruses. Also to safeguard children from accessing websites that are not applicable for them, danger of grooming of children.

  28. keep my computer free from any nasty viruses

  29. Its important because the world has baddies in it who are out to cause misery for their own enjoyment by screwing up your computer for fun even if it doesn’t gain them anything. Grrrrrrrrrrr!

  30. To protect my PC from viruses

  31. to keep you safe while on the internet

  32. Because viruses can slow or lock up your machine

  33. to protect your PC against all types of malware and Internet threats, including trying to steal your money or identity

  34. Computer security helps to prevent hackers from stealing/changing files, data and other personal info stored on our computers

  35. If you have ever had your PC infected you will definitely know why it is important!

  36. to protect my laptop from viruses

  37. To protect your personal information

  38. Keeping my computer running tickety boo 🙂

  39. keeps virus hackers at bay

  40. To keep virus off your computer

  41. To provide safety security for computer use.

  42. To keep my computer free from any nasty viruses

  43. To protect your p.c. from hackers/viruses and keep children safe from accessing unsuitable websites.

  44. to protect my laptop from viruses and identity theft

  45. It’s Important to keep nasty programes from hacking your computer & getting to all your details

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