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A Lovely Big Thank You & A Happy New Year

Thank You

I think it’s about time I thanked my readers.  I know a lot of you read on your phones or by e-mail as I send out the full post by mail and don’t make you come to my blog to read.

I’m into my 5th year of blogging and I never expected to still be blogging after all this time.

I see a lot of you coming from Twitter, and I love the fact that Google seems to enjoy our blogs and sends plenty of visitors.

I also have to thank the PR’s and SEO’s and business owners who get in touch, send us some lovely products to review, or sponsor some posts.

I’ve been a lucky mum with my blog and I have had some lovely writing assignments which came from simply blogging.

I wish you all the best New Year that you can possibly all have, and I look forward to another year of blogging from the Scottish Mum home.

An Old Doric Poem to wish you the best for New Year

2 thoughts on “A Lovely Big Thank You & A Happy New Year

  1. and a Happy New Year right back at you, look forward to 5 more years

    1. And to you Elaine. All the best x

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