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Review: Morphy Richards Soup Maker, with Squash Soup

Morphy Richards Soup Maker 1

Morphy Richards let us have this Soup Maker to play with before Christmas.  It’s perfect timing for our household and I have been amazingly surprised just how fast it makes nice thick soup the way we like it.

Look out for later this week as I’ll be giving one away to my readers just in time for Christmas.

I don’t usually measure out ingredients for soup, I’m more of a judge it by eye person and after one use of this wee machine, I’m sure I’ll quickly go the same way with our new soup maker.

I had reservations about there being enough soup for all of us from it but we did all manage to have a plateful, even if there wasn’t any left for seconds.  My ideal size would be a 2 – 2.5 litre soup maker, but considering it only takes 21 minutes to make a pot of soup, I could just throw on some more veg and have another fresh batch.

I put the veg in the machine, made a mental note of how much veg I needed to make 800g, added water to the maximum level and set it to go.  It seemed to be such a short time later, it beeped to say it was done.   I hate to say it, but the end results were actually better than my regular soups.  Perhaps I overcook mine normally.

I could have chosen from chunky soup or smooth.  The smooth was very smooth and much more so than my smooth soups come out after using a hand blender.

In reality, there was one pot, one spoon that I used to stir the soup (unnecessarily) and no ladle: the soup maker has a lip to pour directly from.    Cleaning it was simply a quick rinse with soap under the tap, dry, and put away.  I’ve put the cable inside for storage but be careful with the blade if you do that too.

The Soup Maker also has a juice setting to make smoothies and fruit drinks.  I suspect less hassle and difficulty than washing my blender.

The Soup Maker is available from as well as other leading retailers.

I had a lovely squash that I bought simply because of the colours, so the first soup I tried as a simple squash soup which I based loosely around quantities of vegetables used in the sample recipe book that comes with the soup maker.




Soup Maker: Squash Soup Recipe 1.6 Litres

Lesley S Smith
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 21 minutes
Total Time 31 minutes
Course Soup
Servings 6


  • 1 Onion
  • 3 Carrots
  • 3 Small Potatoes
  • 1 Small Squash
  • Hot Water
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1 Chicken Stock Cube


  • Prepare the vegetables and chop up into reasonably small pieces as they are going into a soup maker.
  • Pop the vegetables into the soup maker and add some salt and pepper to taste. I added one chicken stock cube and flaked it onto the vegetables.
  • Fill the soup maker up to the maximum 1.6 litre line, put on the top and select smooth or chunky. The smooth version will take 21 minutes to fully cook.
  • Serve with fresh bread.


All the ingredients for the 1.6 Litre output of soup need to total up to approximately 800g.  I simply add a few carrots, potatoes and the onion and then top up with the largest main ingredient to the 800 grammes.



30 thoughts on “Review: Morphy Richards Soup Maker, with Squash Soup

  1. I have a recipe for cheese and onion soup but i use milk instead of stock. can i still make it in a soup maker?

  2. Hi Scottish mum, thank you for your reviews and recipes. Please can I ask if your morphs richards soup makes has the saute function? I am about to buy one for Christmas but read the sauce ones keep tripping the electrics so wondered which model you have. Thank you

    1. Yes Stephanie. My current version has the saute function. My first one did not have it, but when it died, I went for the saute one as it’s much easier for doing onions etc and no extra pans. Mine has never tripped electrics though.

      1. I’ve the same problem. It blows the electrics on a regular basis . I took it back to dunelm but they have stopped selling that particular one .

  3. Please can you tell me if it is hot or cold water to put with the veg.
    Thank you

  4. I’ve made this soup twice now and everyone really likes it. A bit too sweet for my taste but it hasn’t put me off having second helpings…

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Squash and Parsnips can made for very sweet soups. Perhaps a little spice would give it a bit of a kick to counteract the sweetness.

  5. Made this twice now and everyone seems to really like it. It is a little too sweet for my taste but I still finish two helpings.

  6. Have you got a Pumpkin soup recipe you could share with me for this soup maker please would be very grateful. Many thanks

    1. I regularly use Butternut Squash recipes but have not used PUMPKIN yet as I find that is better sweetened with apple to make a Pie!
      Butternut and Parmesan…… Into Soup maker put 650 ml stock, 25g marg or butter, large B.squash peeled and diced, black pepper to taste, 1 or 2 onions diced, clove of garlic if liked…….top up to line with stock and start. To serve, sprinkle well with Parmesan (or any English cheese). Tasty and moreish!

  7. I am a vegan and its my fave gadget I mostlu make my fave veg soup but will get round to making other

    1. I still use my soupmaker regularly. It’s been fabulous. I’d replace it in a heartbeat if it died, which is always a good sign 🙂

  8. I just got one and used it today best thing I have got well worth the money

    1. They are fabulous. Enjoy yours.

  9. We bought this soup maker yesterday and I’ve used it at least twice already on the soup setting. I attempted the juice but then found out i hadn’t got the correct ingredients but I really do recommend this soup maker! The only thing i’m stuck on for this recipe is that I wasn’t so sure about putting in raw squash, raw onion, raw potatoes and raw carrots. But i’m half way through it now so there’s no stopping me! I just hope I don’t give the rest of my family a sore tummy.

  10. I have now been using the brilliant Soup Maker repeatedly. By putting in the liquid first, then the raw cut up veges, it’s not sticking on the front part of the base so often. I also use the Blend button before switching on so that no large lumps of potato can stick and it really is mixed, then it cooks etc. It makes excellent smoothies using our home grown summer fruits (frozen) with thick zero fat yogurt. Always make your Smoothie before the soup as the pot remains very hot !

  11. I was given a soup maker by my son for Christmas – so far I have only made the roasted tomato soup in the recipe booklet and a roasted pepper and tomato one. I wasn’t sure if the soup make actually cooked all the veg as these soups involved roasting the veg first – but seeing your recipe for squash soup I now realise that it DOES cook the veg so will start using it more as I usually make a lot of soup. What I really liked about it was the fact that I didn’t have to hand blend it and it was all done in the one pot. It also smelled amazing!! I usually just make soup from whatever veg I have to hand – or what is on special at the supermarket so now I have realised it is 800gm of veg then the stock the world is my lobster as Del Boy would say lol

    1. About 6-800g is how much I use of fresh vegetables, but I change that for things like lentils and scotch broth mix for example as I think that’s too much for the soups.

      Yep, it certainly does cook the vegetables though for roasted vegetables, yes, they’d have to be pre-roasted. It’s just so easy to make a good soup with whatever is in the fridge and not have to worry about it.

  12. My by me a soup maker for Christmas daughter I have made several soups including pea and ham soup(using minted garden peas) all have been most successful. You are free to invent your own recipes. I would recommend everyone to purchase one.
    Preparation time may be reduced by using ready ingredients.

    1. Glad you are enjoying your soupmaker. I really love mine.

  13. The Morphy Richards soup maker is a great addition to your kitchen appliances so I’m surprised you gave it away but on the other hand some lucky person has benefited.

    1. I didn’t give mine away. I still have mine bubbling away regularly making soup. Morphy Richards gave me another one to give away to one lucky reader. I’d not part with my one for any reason 🙂

      1. Dunelm have these for only £39.99 (7/1/2014)

      2. Bought one in Lidl 3 weeks ago. Worked brilliantly for soups and smoothies…… BUT…… veg started ‘sticking’ and burning on the base element. It also kept cutting out so I had to re-start it and it burnt more. Now I wonder if there’s a problem with the element because each attempt has resulted in starchy veg (one potato to thicken it) burning on the bottom and tainting the flav our. I feel so disappointed.

        Do I have a rogue soup maker or is it me !

        1. My soup maker doesn’t burn anything. I do stir when I add in the water, and although the paperwork says that some ingredients will stick, none of mine have as yet. If it’s cutting out, I think that is definitely not how it should be. Mine just keeps going until the soups are ready. I’d contact the retailer as cutting out does not sound right, it’s possibly overheating somehow.

        2. I bought one from lidl in January too, and have the same problem. Sticking and burning on one side of the base, and then cutting out. Maybe lidl bought a rogue batch.

  14. I have been wondering about getting one of these for a while. It looks fab

    1. We’re enjoying it. One will go up for a giveaway on the blog so it’s worth a try to see if you can get one.

  15. I am so tempted but am worried this is another one of those gadgets we use and then get bored with and it goes in the cupboard. But I really want one. Hmmmm.

    1. I think it’s firmly on my will be used a lot gadget list. Along with my slow cooker and breadmaker. It depends if you make soup often or plan to. I do make soup a lot so it’s great for us and not so much waste.

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