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Kangaroo and Buffalo Burgers

Buffalo Burger Cooked 570

My favourite online butcher, Andrew Gordon Butchery and Fine Foods has taken in some wonderfully unusual meat for burger making.

He now frequently has Kangaroo, Waygu, Buffalo and Zebra burgers, as well as a few Springbok ones in stock.   I was in past and came away with some Kangaroo and Buffalo burgers.

Buffalo Burger 570

The man seemed initially skeptical of the contents or taste of the burgers, but once cooked, he was highly delighted and ate two whole massive 200g Buffalo Burgers to himself.

A quick shallow fry in a frying pan in some rapeseed oil, popped in a bun with a cheese slice, lettuce, tomatoes and radish.

Buffalo and Kangaroo Burgers Cooked



16 thoughts on “Kangaroo and Buffalo Burgers

  1. Those look Ah-Maze-Ng

    1. You’ll just have to try them for yourself…

  2. Wer have Venison here on the farm which make lovely burgers, but I’d like to try Kangeroo. Don’t think there would be much on our little wallabies though so will have to try the butchers!

    1. I’d not be able to use farm animals for food. I’m too much of a wuss for that.

  3. we have had kangaroo, buffalo as well as ostrich and venison. You dont need huge amounts of these as they are very filling.

    1. I’d not seen kangaroo anywhere before. It was really unusual.

  4. I am always willing to try something new, I can and have bought buffalo before, but it might be a little more difficult to find Kangaroo.

    1. He delivers and I think you can make up special packs to get sent to you.

  5. I’m not freaked out by buffalo – they are pretty much cattle, but I’m totally freaked out by kangaroo. Just can’t imagine it. Too strange. There was a programme on kids’ TV recently that saw alligator burgers on the menu. I felt queasy. Does that make me a bit small-minded..?

    1. The kangaroo was hard to get the kids to try. Next time, I’ll just not tell them what they’re eating.

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