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My Top 5 iPhone Apps for Blogging. How to keep up blogging on the move.

There is only one thing that all bloggers like to do, and that is to write. How we write, how often, and how well is not always something that is planned. For spontaneous moments, our mobile pocket gadgetry and good iPhone apps are very handy indeed.

Having written about the top iPhone apps for cooking over on Yahoo, it’s easy for anyone to see that I am a huge iPhone fan, even though I only have the old style 3GS version. I haven’t felt the need to upgrade yet, although I suspect I might be tempted by the next version which will be due out in a few months.

When I do move over to a newer and better model, there are some fabulously good iPhone apps that I would be making sure I copied over to the new phone.

I love to write, and writing is becoming my passion. As a prolific blogger, the best iPhone apps are going to be ones that I can use day to day to record my life, and any anecdotes or fleeting inspirations which come my way.


An all important app for me to organise my life on the go as a blogger, has to be the WordPress app. There are times when it has worked, and times when it hasn’t. As a rule, it is there to help me to write a quick blog post, or store one as a draft for writing up later on my laptop when I have time.

If I just want to upload a quick picture when I am out and about, it is just snap, click and it’s in my media library on my blog.

Statistics are also important to any blogger, no matter what bloggers say. We all like to have our work recognised, even if we pretend that we don’t. The WordPress app had a pretty nifty section where I can check how many people have read my blog, which words were used in search engines to find my blog, and what posts they read.

The app seems to allow us to add up to 8 WordPress blogs, and they can either be the free blogs, or the self hosted variety.


The photo app that comes with my iPhone is invaluable. If I want snaps to add to my blog posts, then the built in camera does a fabulous job to make sure I have a regular visual material to add to my writing, and ensures that the image is topical, recent and relevant.


The second of the built in apps that I couldn’t be without for blogging, is the simple notes feature. Quickly opening it up and adding a note means that I never forget anything that might pop into my head when I am taking the kids to school, or waiting for them to finish an activity.

Time that would previously have spent idly people watching, now turns into planning, plotting and organising.


If I am doing any updates, or Internet shopping, then my PayPal account is needed. I use it to pay for my blog hosting, stock photos for projects that need them, and for any extras that I decide to buy. I also need it for any payments that I take in for advertising and sponsored posts.

I have found that is far easier, and much quicker for me to use the PayPal app to check my balance or pay blogging bills on the go.


This is my last, but I’d also say the top of the top apps for iPhone for me on my mobile. It is where all my blogging usernames and passwords are. Inside the deceptively simple e-wallet, I can separate private, work, and blogging, into separate categories with their own passwords.

Inside each category, I can choose to assign and give any item a name. I can split into credit card, website, id, username, phone and address details, passwords and much more.

I can also customise the fields to say what I want them to say, and I never lose my passwords. They are updated on my iTunes account so they’ll be on whatever device I want them to be, and the app is no use to anyone else.

I feel a bit safer about the prospect of my personal information being secure, just in case I lose my phone.

13 thoughts on “My Top 5 iPhone Apps for Blogging. How to keep up blogging on the move.

  1. Scottish mum thanks for sharing your list and here are few which I suggest you to try and you might love them:

    Pocket for offline reading
    Facebook page manager..

  2. Some great tips here. x

    1. Thank you x

  3. Many a blog post has been written on my iPhone notes app. Love it!

    1. Fabulous for out and about aren’t they? With my middle boy, I’d never be able to keep going without my phone. Love it.

  4. These apps sounds interesting. I’ve just logged in as a new blogger so not sure what I’m doing yet. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You’ll get there. It takes a while to get going. You’ll be fine, I’m sure. Just dive in and start chatting.

  5. I’ve just logged in as a new blogger so not sure what I’m doing yet. Apps sound good to keep up.

    1. I’d spend far longer sitting at a desk if I didn’t use some of them. Good luck with your blogging. It just takes a little time to sort out.

  6. I’m guessing I am supposed to have downloaded some of these now 🙂

    1. Might help you get going lol.

  7. My top 5 iPhone apps for blogging New Blog Post. Thanks for letting me stopped by here. Looking forward for more great post.

    1. Thank you.

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