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Cod Fillet Fish Supper

Cod, floured, egged, ruskolined and shallow fried on low heat with lettuce and tomatoes.  Lovely supper.

6 thoughts on “Cod Fillet Fish Supper

  1. Thats it – tempt me on twitter and then rub it in on your blog…

    What is ‘ruskolined’…I so need to cook this myself now – if I can get some decent bloody fish that is…..I live 25 miles from the sea and haven’t found a fishmonger yet, and all I can find in the supermarkets is Talapia

    1. Ruskoline is similar to breadcrumbs, but very small crumbs and contains wheat, flour, salt and yeast. To use it you flour the chicken, fish or whatever else you are going to cook to dry it off, then dip in egg, and finally roll in the ruskoline before shallow frying.

      1. can anyone tell me where to buy proper ruskoline,i live in wiltshire and cant find it anywhere?

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