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COMPETITION : A bloggy chance to win £100 from Appliances Online closes 6th April


UPDATE:  The winner was @jaxbees with the caramel shortcake that my youngest chose as the winner.


Coming home from school today, we decided to stop off past the local shop and buy a few treaty things for the boys.  Instead of buying sweeties, we bought some meringue nests, chocolate and fudge icing in a tub, and some mini chocolate Easter eggs.

To say that the boys enjoyed their messy making of things was an understatement and Appliances Online liked the idea so much, that they have offered a £100 prize for a blogger who enters the linkie on this blog and includes a recipe or a foodie picture of their own.   The rules are simple and are at the end of this post.

Back to the meringue nests:  the pictures tell the whole story on their own, with lots of mess to clean up afterwards.

Competition rules: A simple food picture or a recipe post will do the job.

  • Post a picture of a meal, or a recipe of your own and link it up to this blog below.
  • Pop the words and link in this sentence into your post.  “My entry for the Bosch Dishwasherlink up”
  • The competition will close on the 6th April 2012.
  • Leave a wee comment please to say how to contact, ie your email address in the comment or your Twitter id.

Good luck everyone, and if you struggle with the in-link, please just send me a message or a tweet.

20 thoughts on “COMPETITION : A bloggy chance to win £100 from Appliances Online closes 6th April

  1. oops, I forgot to add my twitter ID, it’s @missmamo 🙂

  2. Hi Scottish Mum! I just had to say that I love the idea of those meringue nests, great pictures! Looks like a lot of fun was had by all – until the clearing up, of course, that necessary evil. I’m compelled to post, back in a minute!

    1. Ok, I’ve just posted, How much will-power? over at my blog (direct link to post is and I’d love to see you over at twitter, I’m @jaxbees Thanks again for the opportunity. Love your blog, am about to follow.

    2. I’ve posted! Please visit and the post is called, How Much Will-Power? Direct link is Thanks again for the opportunity!

      1. ooops, really sorry, first comment didn’t show until I’d posted the other. SORRY!

  3. addded my link and email is embedded on comment. Or contact via @soosieboo on Twitter. 🙂

  4. I’ve posted my link – you can find me on Twitter @janesgrapevine

  5. Fab giveaway… hope I’ve entered correctly too! 🙂

    1. I see your link.

  6. My 9 yo is my dish washer.Forgets to bloody do it though

  7. I’ve added a link to my foolproof easy risotto!

    Many thanks, @CoffeeCurls

  8. Hope I have done it all correctly, have entered your fabulous competition 🙂

  9. Hi, does it have to be a recipe for cooking with children? or any recipe of our own?
    Thank you!

    1. Any recipe will do nicely, or a picture of somethig you have made. No, it doesn’t have to be something you made with children, that’s just my example.

  10. Fab competition, have entered! @gingerbread_mum

  11. seems a strange link to add about a bosch dishwasher to win £100. We are making Easter biscuits on Monday so we will add that in as our link. Not sure what the biscuits will actually resemble – but they represent fun and enjoyment and that is much more important

    1. That would do fine. x

  12. ok here goes 🙂
    i hope you enjoy, me and the family do

    I hope ive done it right

  13. I hope I did it correctly !

  14. OK – you’ve forced me to make my first blog post!

    Hope I did it right!

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