Scottish Strawberry Cranachan (Cream Crowdie)

I hadn’t made cranachan for years, but a sleepover for a child who wanted something sweet brought this out as I had the ingredients for it.  I missed out the whisky on the kids portions, but perhaps I should have added it, as we might have got more sleep !!

It’s traditional, it’s Scottish and it’s quite sweet.  To reduce the sweetness, add more fruit and leave out the honey.  Some people prefer much less oatmeal in their cranachan.  Add it slowly until you have enough for you.

Scottish Strawberry Cranachan (Cream Crowdie)

Prep time10 minutes
Cook time5 minutes
Total time15 minutes
Allergy Milk
Dietary Vegetarian
Meal type Dessert
Misc Serve Cold
By author Lesley S Smith


  • 250g Oatmeal
  • 50g Honey
  • 4 tablespoons Whisky
  • 1 pint Double or Whipped Cream
  • 500g Strawberries


Step 1. Cranachan Oatmeal
Toast the oatmeal in a frying pan until it reaches a nutty consistency. Leave to cool.
Step 2. Cranachan
Fold the oatmeal, half the strawberries (chopped up), honey and whisky into the cream.
Step 3.Fill serving dishes and finish with some fruit on top. You could use a lot more strawberries if you like your cranachan very fruity.

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