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Toffee Popcorn Cup Cake Recipe – withTruvia (Stevia)

I’ve wanted to use Stevia in cooking more for a while, after my successful sorbet recipe, so I’ve begun by mixing sugar and Truvia half and half for this recipe.  I’ve cut out an egg to counter for the reduced amount of sugar and it worked just perfectly.  The cakes had a slightly caramelly taste which I put down to the Truvia and matched the Toffee Popcorn very well.

I had the popcorn as Garrett Popcorn from Chicago are opening a new shop in the UK after summer and they sent us a preview of their popcorn to try and send them feedback.  We loved the toffee, but the cheese wasn’t popular here at all.  If the can had been all toffee popcorn I’d have had very happy boys indeed.  I wanted to try something different from just eating it, so we had a taste and then used the rest in our cooking.

With hindsight, I’d break down some toffee popcorn in future to put through the cake mix and use one to top the cakes, but it was our first foray into cooking popcorn into something else and we’re really pleased with how it turned out.  Garrett didn’t ask for a write up on my blog, but just asked for some feedback.  The toffee popcorn was just too good to eat in one sitting as my boys would have finished it quick smart.

I’d also been sent the Typhoon Vintage Scales from Red Candy and have been itching to use them as my old set broke down.  They remind me very much of the scales my grandmother used to have in her shop.  I used to work there when I was 12 and they were on the sweetie counter, which I absolutely loved having to serve from.  Red Candy has some amazing red pieces for kitchens, and they really brighten up a room.  They’re worth a look.



Onto the recipe.

Toffee Popcorn Cup Cake Recipe – with Truvia (Stevia)

Lesley Smith
This is a large recipe batch that makes us 36 cakes, but you can cut the quantities if you need smaller amounts.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Course Baking