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The Gallery – Books

I thought I’d join in the Gallery Blog Link Up this week.  It’s been a long week and a half off school with the kids, and they’re going a bit stir crazy as they’re grounded.  One thing that can always help to diffuse things with the special needs middler is to sit and read a book to him, but not the bread makers bible, obviously.  That’s me putting a book out of sight in a hurry I’d guess.  I can’ really remember.

It’s all his own choice.  Sometimes he’ll let you, and other times he won’t.   Our books are more than dog-eared, they’re often trashed and ripped.   I grew up to respect and revere books as something special, so accepting damage to books is something I have had to learn to live with.

My kids books don’t get packed away, or sent onto anyone else after my kids are finished with them.  They are so well used here, that they end up in the bin if they last.  This book has an awful lot to answer for with pre-teen behaviour, I can tell ya.

I think the one advantage of an 11-year-old who can’t read is that the books are read again and again and again and again, and then some more.

I always have a stack of books, even when my Kindle is still full.  My mum has a pile of mine that I am waiting to get back, and this is the stack that I am planning on reading next.  I’ve managed to have the house bookcase full of work things so now books have nowhere to go. They are in cupboards, drawers and in the bottoms of wardrobes.  I am much better at giving my books away and my neighbour always has a stack of ones I’ve not read.

I love my kindle apps, but there are times I just want a good old-fashioned paper book to read.