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Fresh Home Made Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

When I walked into Lidl and spotted their ice-cream maker, I did think about it.  I’ve had ones before that people have given me as presents, but usually such a faff to use that I end up just passing them off to other people. This one was electric and after the huge success I had with their slow cooker, it wasn’t such a thought to buy another machine from them.

The bowl should go into the freezer for 24 hours before, but I got away with putting mine in the freezer and putting on the super freeze function.  It says to put the mix when made up into the fridge for 4 hours too, but if all the ingredients come straight from the fridge, I don’t see the need to do that apart from keeping it to have the ice cream completely freshly made for an evening meal.

If you do buy one, don’t do what I did and put your ice cream back in the freezer while it’s still in the machine bowl, or if you do, use a soft scraper for the sides as I put mine in our freezer and scraped the side of mine with the ice cream scoop.  I used a three yolk mix but it was too much.  The 2 yolk mix is definitely enough for the 1 litre tub the maker comes with.

It was delicious and absolutely zero nasties or unpronouncable ingredients in it.

Fresh Home Made Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

This recipe is adapted from the Silvercrest Ice Cream Maker Recipe Handbook.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Servings 6


  • 2 Egg yolks
  • 7 fl oz Low Fat Milk I used semi-skimmed.
  • 7 fl oz Whipping Cream I used double cream and whipped it.
  • 1.5 oz Icing Sugar
  • 300 gg Strawberries


  • The egg yolk and icing sugar needs to be mixed together. Don't be temped to use a balloon whisk as the egg yolk will stick to it. The mixture will be bright yellow when it is properly beaten together.
  • Add the cold milk to the egg and icing sugar and mix it together. It will look like a buttermilk mix when it's done.
  • Whip the cream until it forms stiff peaks and add it to the egg yolk and icing sugar mix. It took so long to mix to smooth for me, that I put it through a sieve to finish it off.
  • Puree the strawberries and stir it in until it looks evenly mixed.
  • Save the mix until about 45 minutes before you want to serve it, or use the ice cream maker to pre-make it and then freeze for later. It will take approximately 40 minutes for the ice cream to be ready and then it is simply serve, or freeze for later.