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Spam Comments – Spammers Go Away

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This is just a general post, and I am writing it more to ease my irritation at having to daily delete more and more comments that are not really comments.   All of you who have blogs will know what I mean.  I signed into admin today with lots of comments to trawl though, and it seems the spammers have found me in force. 

There are a few different kinds that seem to find their way into my comments approval box.  They usually fall under the following headings, and these are all things I do NOT want to see in my approval box.

  1. Weight Loss websites.
  2. Foreign Shopping Sites.
  3. Websites for over 18’s.
  4. Pharmaceutical / Drugs websites.
  5. Online Dating websites.
  6. Online Gambling websites.

Would all of the above please just go away, because I am NOT going to approve your comment